Pro Strategies For Catching More Fish Near Grass Lines

This video showcases a few pro strategies for catching more fish near grass lines!!

Sometimes it can be difficult to know where to start and where you should place your casts to get the best results.

I recently hit the water to patrol grass lines and see what I could run into!

Check out how the day went along with how YOU can catch more fish next to tall grass!!

Strategies For Catching More Fish Near Grass Lines [VIDEO]

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Set Up For The 2.0

The redfish I found on this trip were tucked way underneath the grass.

Which meant I had to get my lures as close to the grass as possible and avoid getting snagged.

The water clarity was very muddy and murky but the fish were willing to eat.

I had hooked into both smaller puppy drum and larger fish all day long.

However, the small redfish were caught a few feet off of the grass while most of the big fish hit the lure right on top of the grass line.

When inshore saltwater fishing, we talk about structure A LOT.

And structure can mean a bunch of different things.

Whenever you are fishing in front of two different types of grass along the shoreline, stop and fish in that area.

I came across a stretch of green grass line that ran into longer, thin grass and continued green after.

I caught a fish right on that different patch of grass.

Any time you notice a change along a shoreline that mostly looks the same, it is worth checking that oddity out.

I did have to wait a bit for the tide to turn over so water would flood the grass line.

Redfish like to push into those areas if they are able to and ambush unsuspecting bait.

Once I locked into this trend, it turned out to be a terrific day!

Lures & Equipment

As far as the lures that caught fish on this trip, the F.R.E.D. 2.0 paddletail was the ticket.

This lure did the heavy lifting on this trip and I did switch between two different jigheads.

I changed between the Hoss Football Jigheads and the Z-Man Trout Eye Jigheads both in 1/8 oz.

On this trip, however, I don’t think the style of the jighead had a major impact but weight was a factor.

The weighted jighead got down below the grass line to where those fish were feeding a bit better than a weighted weedless hook would.

I had that tied up with a 20lb Ande Monofilament Leader connected to Daiwa J-Braid x8 Grand braided line.

The rod and reel I used are actually quickly becoming one of my favorite inshore setups.

The rod is a Cashion Element Inshore 7′ Medium-Heavy.

This rod has just the right amount of give for you to be able to put pressure on the fish and reel them in.

As far as reels, I had that rod paired up with the Daiwa Fuego 3000.

This setup packs a punch and is incredibly light so I can throw it all day without tiring.

Finding The Fish Help

In order to help make sure that you are targeting the right areas based on the latest feeding trends and upcoming weather forecasts, make sure to use the following 3 resources because they will save you a ton of time.

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Randy Underwood
4 months ago

Great video and excellent examples.
I have always fished structural changes, I’ve noticed when grass lines change to a Sandy beach or visa versa also tend to hold fish.
Your opinion on this please.

Doug J
5 months ago

Hi Pat, I am really happy to see you in my neck of the woods lol. I fish that location regularly. I have been reluctant to become an insider member because my area is a hard fish(difficult), from the bank and thought it wouldn’t work out for me. I know the reds are in that little bayou area and move in and out of their from time to time because i’ve caught them on a slam shady 2.0 (right side of kayak launch) on occasion. But just wanted to say Thanks for stopping by here, I knew they were in their lol, Rethinking member options, Peace and Progress

5 months ago

here in Texas fishing bay or marsh. Find casting along grass line will elicit . stick

Robert Stewart
5 months ago

Excellent narrative, Pat. Thank you.


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