Strong Angler Of The Week: Alan Brookshire


Have you ever put someone on their very first redfish?

It’s such a great feeling!

This week’s Strong Angler of the Week, Alan Brookshire, did just that on Thanksgiving weekend when he took his family out fishing.

Like many others, their regular Thanksgiving fell through this year, but they made it up with some great family time on the water.

They caught over 100 redfish and tons of trout, and had a blast together.

Check out the video below to hear the full story of the trip, plus learn how Alan has become a better fisherman recently.

Strong Angler Of The Week [VIDEO]

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Awesome job, Alan!

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Gustavo Serrano
1 year ago

Great post, glad to see you had an epic weekend fishing with the family as there is nothing better. Especially when everyone is catching fish! I also agree on a regional segment so that we can share even more info, that would be awesome!

Paul Sasser
1 year ago

When I saw this post in the SC section, I knew it was special. Thanks to you guys for acknowledging this great day and this great family. Hats off to Alan. He’s my new hero!

Phillip Stoess
1 year ago

Love to hear the Community has grown soo much!!
Two points about Alan’s post that touched home are: putting your family on their first Red!! And how much more success I had after the first week of watching Joe and Luke give their sales pitch:)
What can I say? It works!!
Great job Alan and Merry Christmas


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