Weekly Newsletter: 12-6-20

Happy December!

How’d you do on the water this week?

Did you catch as many fish as you’d hoped?

So you can catch a ton of fish this coming week and stay on top of the most recent trends, we’ve got some great tips for you in the newsletter, including:

  • Using cut ladyfish to catch fish (even on tough days)
  • MirrOlure Marsh Minnow Paddletail review
  • How to catch slams on gold spoons
  • How to use Gulp shrimp under a popping cork like a pro
  • Why CCA NC is suing the state of North Carolina
  • And much more

Check out the Newsletter below!

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How To Use Cut Ladyfish For Redfish, Snook, Trout, & Sharks

Want to catch more fish with cut ladyfish? This is a fun and easy way to fish because you don't need any fancy equipment and you can just...
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Regional Smart Fishing Tactics: Southwest FL Edition

[Exclusive Lesson] Capt. Justin Napior shares localized fishing intelligence across the 4 core seasons for his SW FL region.
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Does The Slam Shady BOMBER Catch Fish In Murky Water?

Do you fish in dark, murky water? Usually, you want to go with darker lures here, but the Slam Shady BOMBER is actually a great option because...
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MirrOlure Marsh Minnow Review (Top Pros & Cons)

Have you tried out the MirrOlure Marsh Minnow? Even though MirrOlure is known for their hard plastics, this soft plastic paddletail is...
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3 Tips To Catch Inshore Slams On Gold Spoons In Fall & Winter

Want to catch more fish on gold spoons? These are great lures to use in the winter because and in this video, you'll learn how to catch...
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DOA vs. Vudu Shrimp (Schooling Redfish Test) Day 2 [Insider Report]

Schooled up redfish and head-to-head lure testing? This Insider Report is a fun one! Two of the most popular shrimp imitations on the market right...
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Inner Circle Live Video Lesson and Q&A [12-03-20]

We had another great Inner Circle call this week! Here’s the recording of this week’s discussion: Discussion Log • 0:00:35 – Mosquito Lagoon, Indian River...
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How To Use Gulp Shrimp Under A Popping Cork Like A Pro

Want to learn the best way to rig and fish Gulp shrimp under a popping cork? See when NOT to use them, the best hooks for them, and the...
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Weekend Smart Fishing Game Plan Lesson [12-5-20]

See the best game plan to use for catching redfish, trout, flounder, and other inshore species based on the trends from the first week of Dec.
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Brown Algae and Dissolved Oxygen Levels – What You Need To Know To Find More Fish

In this video we will be discussing brown algae, and the effects that it has on fish behavior. The past few trips that I have...
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Why CCA NC Is Suing The State For Coastal Fisheries Mismanagement

Have you heard about this new lawsuit against the North Carolina? They've mismanaged their fisheries and now it's gotten so bad that...
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Oyster Bars and Rocks For Winter Inshore Fishing [Spot Dissection – Horseshoe Beach, FL]

In this Spot Dissection we will be discussing the importance of targeting oyster bars and rocky areas in the winter for inshore fishing. The area...
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DOA Vs Vudu Shrimp (Day 1 Test) – Insider Report

Hey Insiders! Today I’ve got a behind-the-scenes Insider Report of some on-the-water lure testing! Two of the most popular shrimp imitations on the market right...
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Where to Find Schooling Redfish in the Late Fall/Winter – Spot Dissection (Ossabaw Island, GA)

In this Spot Dissection, we will be discussing gameplays for finding schools of redfish in the late fall and winter, in coastal marsh estuaries! The...
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Best Fishing Knot For Beginners (Easy, Strong, & Versatile Knot)

Looking for an easy fishing knot that's strong and versatile? This is the knot for you! See step-by-step instructions for how to tie it, and...
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