MirrOlure Marsh Minnow Review (Top Pros & Cons)


Do you have a go-to lure?

Most of us do, but thanks to Covid, many of our favorite brands have been unavailable, so we’ve had to try out some different lures!

This is where the MirrOlure Marsh Minnow enters the scene.

Since I was forced to try out some new paddletails, I decided to give these lures a shot.

I was a little skeptical at first, since most companies that make great hard plastics usually don’t make great soft plastics, and vice versa.

However, I was pleasantly surprised at how effective they were at catching fish and they’ll definitely be staying in my tackle bag for the future.

Check out the video below to see why I liked them so much, as well as some things I didn’t like about them (no lure is perfect!).

MirrOlure Marsh Minnow Review [VIDEO]

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MirrOlure Marsh Minnow Pros:

  • They come scented
  • They’ve got a great design (they have great action, there’s a slot on the top for weedless hooks, and they have a realistic shape)
  • They’re durable
  • They’re affordable

MirrOlure Marsh Minnow Cons:

  • They’re not very buoyant (this causes them to fall over as soon as they hit the bottom, which is bad if you’re doing a twitch-twitch pause retrieve and fishing slowly)
  • Their realistic-looking head makes it a little harder to rig


trout mirrolure marsh minnow

After using these MirrOlure Marsh Minnows a lot recently, I’ve found that I like them much more than I initially anticipated.

And as you saw in the video, they catch a lot of fish!

You can get them from our shop here.

Have any questions about these lures?

Have you used them?

Let me know down in the comments!

And if you know someone who’s looking to try out a new paddletail, please TAG or SHARE this with them!

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Don Miller
11 months ago

Wyatt, I asked you if you thought the Opening Night color would work in the dark waters of S.C., you thought it should because of the profile and it does! Went out last weekend and caught reds and trout on the Marsh Minnow.
Thanks for the review.

Pat Ogletree
11 months ago

Nice report out on the Marsh Minnow. Once I get past my topwater experiment I’ll be sure and try these.

Joseph Helenek
11 months ago

Certainly will give the Marsh Minnow a try. Received my free Slam Shady paddle tail and caught a nice Snook on the first cast. Looking forward to similar success with the Marsh Minnow Love the daily Salt Strong emails filled with tons of info and videos!

Joseph Falzone
11 months ago

Thanks to salt strong my fishing has improved a lot !
I have tried your Slam Shady paddle tails and love them.
But not having much success with them this time of year. Can someone please help me find that one lure that works well in the winter months.

Matt Cazalas
11 months ago

Great review thanks for the info. Don’t know if you already have but would love to see a review on the down south lures. Thank you

Don Miller
11 months ago

Thanks for the review Wyatt,
I had just received my pack of Marsh minnows in the mail. I ordered them in the Opening Night color, because of the dark water here in Charleston, SC. and I have been having good success with the Slam Shady color. I see that you were using the Avocado w/ chartreuse tail with good results up there in N.C. Have you tested the Opening Night color yet in your waters, which also fairly dark? I have yet to try the mine out.

Brian Hunter
11 months ago

Thanks for the independent review!

David Ulgenalp
11 months ago

Wyatt – I’ve been using the Marsh Minnow for several years and caught a lot of snook, reds and trout on them. It’s more durable than a lot of soft plastic swim tail baits and it’s a bit heavier/denser so i seem to be able to cast it a bit further. Pearl, Electric Chicken, Root Beer and Tube Worm/Sparkle Tail are my favorite colors. Definitely check out the Lil John – one of my favorite soft plastics and deadly on just about anything that swims on the flats and along the beach.

Pat Ogletree
11 months ago
Reply to  Wyatt Parcel

There’s something about that Lil John that appeals to the fish. It’s like an over sized Ned rig

David Ulgenalp
11 months ago
Reply to  Wyatt Parcel

Looking forward to you trying and reviewing the Lil John.

Dan Carney
11 months ago
Reply to  David Ulgenalp

I agree with Dave on the Lil John! It doesn’t look like much but the fish don’t care. This is a compact, dense soft plastic that holds up well. I fish it with a jerk pause retrieve. Many hit are on the pause.

Michael Connelly
11 months ago

Good Job Wyatt, actually here in Jax our water is colored similar to yours and that Marsh Minnow in that color is my go to paddle tail in the ICW and back water. In the Saint Johns down fo about the Dames Point area I really like the Slam Shady in the cleaner water but that Chicken color is money in the darker tanic water.

Caden Kaufman
11 months ago

Thanks Wyatt.


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