Why CCA NC Is Suing The State For Coastal Fisheries Mismanagement


Did you hear that CCA North Carolina is suing the state regarding the mismanagement of their fisheries?

Here’s why:

Allowing gill nets, shrimp trawling, and overfishing has decimated their fish populations.

Gill nets and shrimp trawling are illegal in most other states, but not North Carolina.

CCA and dozens of concerned residents have had enough and have taken a stand and filed a new lawsuit against the state.

In this podcast episode, I’ve got CCA Executive Director, David Sneed, with me discussing the details of this lawsuit.

Here’s one shocking stat from our discussion:

For every pound of shrimp harvested, shrimp trawlers are killing 3.3 pounds of fish.

These fish aren’t harvested or used for anything… just dead or dying bycatch tossed overboard to scavenging sharks and birds.

Isn’t that crazy?!

Check the podcast below to hear more about why North Carolina fisheries are in trouble, what CCA NC is doing about it, and how you can help (even if you don’t live in North Carolina).

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Why CCA Is Suing North Carolina [VIDEO]

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Why CCA Is Suing North Carolina [PODCAST]

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Here’s a timestamped table of contents from my conversation with CCA Executive Director, David Sneed, about CCA North Carolina suing the state regarding the mismanagement of their fisheries:

2:14 – Who CCA Executive Director, David Sneed, is and how he became the CCA Executive Director

4:35 – Why the weakfish population has declined by 98% since 1997

5:32 – What the big problem is that’s causing fish populations to decline

6:42 – What happens to fish when they get caught in shrimp trawling nets

8:06 – Who CCA NC’s lawsuit is actually against

11:40 – How the fishing industry regulations are so far behind other natural resource regulations

13:02 – The destructive gear that’s decimating fish populations

18:08 – Why the state has failed North Carolina residents in their job of responsibly managing the state’s natural resources

20:54 – The fishy statistic about “inactive” commercial fishing licenses

24:18 – How fisheries management officials are appointed (and why it’s set up for failure)

28:32 – Why flounder mismanagement was allowed to go on for so long

31:40 – What happens when a species is overfished

33:36 – What the next steps are for this lawsuit and when we can expect a response

36:39 – How you can get involved in this fight (even if you don’t live in NC)

  • One way is to join CCA North Carolina at ccanc.org.


gill net

It breaks my heart to hear how bad of a state the North Carolina fishery is in, but I’m encouraged by the fact that David, CCA NC, and others are standing up for what’s right.

What are your thoughts on this?

What do you think the outcome will be?

Do you have any questions about it?

Let us know down in the comments!

You can join CCA on their website at ccanc.org and you can read more about this lawsuit here.

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Aaron Hasenei
1 year ago

Hey all,
I recently visited my parents who retired to the Neuse river mouth right next to the Pamlico sound this past Summer and when we went out that morning for a kayak fishing trip, was absolutely appalled by miles and miles of gill nets stretching in all the spots we typically discuss for productive fishing. I was heartbroken. As someone who has a master’s degree in marine biology that specializes in fish conservation physiology and fisheries science, I couldn’t believe something as barbaric as this was allowed to occur in sensitive inshore ecosystems. Literally ravaging the nursery grounds responsible for the majority of marine life. I’m so glad something is being done about this!

I think lack enforcement is also a major issue. This same week, while I was surf fishing, I witnessed 3-4 individuals catching small 8-10″ flounder and stuffing them in their cooler…moratoriums are in place for a reason. I attempted to report them but no one showed….these topics really hit a sore spot for me but I love when the Salt Strong newsletter highlights conservation issues!

Bob Lemings
1 year ago

I could support banning the gill nets. but i will not support banning shrimping. All that will do is send the NC shrimp fleet into other states waters and put more pressure there . NC residents aren’t going to stop eating fish. But their are plenty of other fish and ways to catch them. They are not going to stop eating shrimp either so that just lays the problem as they call it on someone else’s doorstep.

Last edited 1 year ago by electricman714@yahoo.com
Aaron Hasenei
1 year ago
Reply to  Bob Lemings

Hey Bob,

Maybe not support ceasing shrimping but supporting more sustainable solutions is the answer here? Switching to different gear types or restricting to specific time of year or regional locations where fish species are not migrating through or trafficking heavily to reduce bycatch. Another solution is aquaculture which has zero bycatch and is far more sustainable if done the right way. Currently, over 50% of all seafood in the US is aquacultured and by 2025 it’s estimated that will increase to 75%. Modern problems require modern solutions.

Last edited 1 year ago by Aaron Haseneh
Landon Gordon
1 year ago

The Pamlico River and Pamlico Sound is where I fish or try to. Fishing is really tough because of the commercial fisherman. It’s sad that it has come to this. The commercial fisherman don’t care about the water just making money is their only concern. I know of quite a few of them and that’s how they are. I have seen them trawling and setting gill nets in the Pamlico River. That is way past the border of where it is legal for them to do those practices. I really hope the CCA can do something about this huge problem! Seems that all of the people in charge are dirty though. They will take bribes for anything. I really hope someone can make a change so I can get my fishery back!!

Dean Carter
1 year ago

Life long NC resident…have watched the steady decline in recreational harvests for decades. Commercial fishing lobbying group in Raleigh is powerful…. hopefully the recent fisheries regs will do some good. On a positive note, I have been able to catch some fish. Last year this time i had a few stellar trout days of 70+ keeper trout….only kept a limits mind you.SALT STRONG!! FISH ON!! TIGHT LINES!

Landon Gordon
1 year ago

I am from NC and the Pamlico River and Pamlico Sound is where I fish. Fishing is super hard right now because of what David has said. Sign me up for whatever I can do to help support my fishery. Here is my email landongrdn@gmail.com Thanks guys.

Last edited 1 year ago by Landon Gordon
Caden Kaufman
1 year ago

Could ya’ll do a post on baffin bay’s depleting water quality and seagrass disappearance?

Billy Ackerman
1 year ago



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