Does The Slam Shady BOMBER Catch Fish In Murky Water?


Do you fish dark, murky water?

Then you probably stick to darker lures…

But what about the Slam Shady BOMBER? Does that catch fish in murky water?

I recently took them out for a test run in the tannic waters of the St. John’s River in Jacksonville, Florida.

I caught tons of nice redfish and flounder, and in this video, you’ll learn:

  • WHY this new lure works well in dark water (even though it’s light-colored)
  • HOW to catch big fish with it in dark water

Check it out below!

Does The Slam Shady BOMBER Work In Dark Water? [VIDEO]

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I’ve seen a ton of great reports from the Insider Community talking about how great this lure is, but I’ve also heard on some other social media platforms that this color won’t work in murky water.

Is that true?

I live in Jacksonville, Florida, and fish the St John’s river a lot, which is pretty dark, so I decided to put it to the test and see for myself.

I planned two trips to areas that I’d never been to before and absolutely crushed it!

I caught several big redfish and flounder using just this lure and had a blast.

Here’s why this paddletail works well in murky water (when other light-colored lures don’t):

Reason #1: It’s got a big tail that makes a ton of vibration.

When the water is dark, fish rely heavily on feeling their prey swim through the water.

This is a big lure that makes a lot of commotion in the water, so fish can easily feel it and find it.

Reason #2: It’s got lots of silver and gold flash.

Yes, pure white lures aren’t the best to use in dark water.

However, the Slam Shady color is not pure white.

We specifically put lots of silver and gold flash in this proprietary color so that it will get the fishes’ attention even in darker water.

How To Use The Slam Shady BOMBER

Now that you know this lure works in dark water, the next question is, how do you use it?

The first step is to find the fish.

On this trip, I found them in creeks and along grassy shorelines (for more about how to find fish, join us in the Insider Club).

Once I found them, I just used a simple steady retrieve and let the paddletail and flash do their job of getting fish to see it and strike it.

Bouncing and twitching this lure along the bottom also works well, too.

(Check out this article for more tips on how to catch fish with the Slam Shady BOMBER.)


slam shady bomber redfish

It’s safe to say that yes, the Slam Shady BOMBER works great in dark water!

Even though most light-colored lures shouldn’t be your first choice when fishing dark water, the BOMBER is different because it’s got a big paddletail that makes lots of vibration and the gold and silver flash does a great job at getting the fishes’ attention.

You can get the Slam Shady BOMBER from our shop here.

Have any questions about using this lure or fishing dark water?

Let me know down in the comments!

And if you know someone who fishes dark, murky water, please TAG or SHARE this with them!

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2 years ago

What are the specs on that rod you are using?

Austin Moon
2 years ago
Reply to  ken

Hey Ken! The first rod was a 7′, 8-17#, MH, fast action, Bull bay Stealth Sniper. The second rod was a 7′, 6-15#, M, fast action, Tsunami carbon shield 2.

2 years ago


Austin Moon
2 years ago
Reply to  PAUL COMBS

That’s awesome Paul!! Thanks you I really appreciate that!! Many more to come!!

C. Lance Weaver
2 years ago

Well done Austin great video. Looks like an awesome fishery.

Austin Moon
2 years ago

Thanks for taking the time to leave a positive comment!! I really appreciate that! I love fishing the St Johns, so much water to fish!!

Steve Miller
2 years ago

Two thumbs up Austin!! Good job!!

Austin Moon
2 years ago
Reply to  Steve Miller

Thank you, Steve!! I really appreciate that!!

Stan Mitchell
2 years ago

Great video Austin, the bomber rocks every where east coast or the west coast.🎣💪

Ferdinand Alsina
2 years ago

Austin, I just watched this on Youtube. Great video. I fish in the JAX/St. Augustine area as well and I love the bomber. Well, I love all of the Slam Shady’s lures. They are my go to every time. I just started using a Gheenoe. Before that I fished out of a kayak. I have taken the Gheenoe out three times and I’m 0-3 even with the slam shady/bomber. Maybe I should go back to my kayak. lol Hope to see you out on the water one of this days.

Austin Moon
2 years ago

Thank you, Ferdinand!! I really appreciate that! I love all of them as well! Im sure ill see yah out there! Keep at it in the Gheenoe, I used to go out in one all the time and they are awesome boats!! Let me know if I can help you out with anything at all!!

Craig Gaffka
2 years ago

Nice work out there Austin. Looking forward to the insider report on the trip. What days were those fish caught? I’m wondering if that was pre or post cold front catches.

Austin Moon
2 years ago
Reply to  Craig Gaffka

Thank you, Craig!! I actually already did the Insider report! I will link it below. This was before this big front that we just had come through. Here is the link.

Michael Kucich
2 years ago

I love the bomber !! Great report Austin

Austin Moon
2 years ago
Reply to  Michael Kucich

The Bomber is the Bomb!! Thank you Michael, I really appreciate that!!

Jason Kirchner
2 years ago

I too use it all the time in murky water and it consistently produces!!

Austin Moon
2 years ago
Reply to  Jason Kirchner

Yes sir, the Bomber has quickly become a must for my tackle box!! Thanks for taking the time to write a positive comment, Jason!!

Glenn Acomb
2 years ago

Thanks Austin, this is a helpful video and well done. I fish in clear water in the Big Bend, but I’ll ask a friend that fishes the dirtier Suwanee River and creeks to see if he is aware of the Slam Shady Bomber. The color works well in our clear water, though.

Austin Moon
2 years ago
Reply to  Glenn Acomb

Thank you Glenn, I really appreciate that!! I think that the color is about as versatile as it gets!


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