Strong Angler Of The Week: Clay Jones


It’s time for the Strong Angler of the Week!

This is an honor that goes to an Insider who’s on the water catching fish and making memories with their friends and family.

Today, I’ve got Clay Jones with me who took his son, Anderson, on a spring break road trip to Florida where they caught many species and created amazing memories together.

The biggest highlight of the trip was both father and son caught their PB peacock bass and bass!

Get the full story of their trip in the video below, plus hear how Clay landed a tarpon without even trying!

Strong Angler Of The Week [Video]

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Awesome job, Clay!

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John Mccullough
2 years ago

This was a great post. Plus one to you Clay for keeping your boy fishing. It pays. My dad is 82 and we went out today. I can’t imagine fishing without him. He took me all over the US from grand canuyon for trout and rapids to Alaska. ( check out the GC for a family spring break)
When I was in grad school, I took a few friends to Flamingo to rent a house boat. We drug canoes to shark river to fish. I asked him to come, thinking he would say no as we were a bit wild at 24, and he is teetotaler. But he signed on and even paid ( I did not ask). We all had such a great time we did it again the next year. Those two trips were some of my best memories. A bit awkward when your girlfriend decides to swim naked, but she was a die hard fisherwoman and a redneck med student so he rolled with it. Straight up Florida!

Plus one on Bud and Marys. That place is a gem. My granddad stayed there in the 1970s and the family keeps going back.

Try renting the houseboats out of Flamingo, towing your skiff, and bring your kids and a couple of friends. It will be a great trip.

2 years ago

Flamingo sound like a great trip…right up our alley, one of the guys we met was telling how great the fishing can be there…and how big the bugs can get. Thanks for the idea. Your dad sounds like a great father and man👍🏻 Without a doubt, some of the best education through nature you can pass down next gen😊


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