The Salt Strong CLEAT CUP (with FUN meter)

Re-introducing the Salt Strong CLEAT CUP!!

It’s BACK by popular demand!!

We’re bringing them back to the shop – get a closer look below!!


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➡ Get the Salt Strong Cleat Cup

24 ounces of AWESOMENESS with a FUN METER too!!!

The handle is a legit dock cleat that isn’t going anywhere.

This cup keeps drinks cool and the plastic is dishwasher safe.

It will catch everyone’s eyes when you fill it up with your favorite beverage!

We have right around 200 of them in stock so get yours while you still can!!!

Let us know if you want more of these cups in the shop and if you have any color suggestions leave those down in the comments!

Grab yours NOW while supplies last!!!

➡ Get the Salt Strong Cleat Cup

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J.D. Hay
3 months ago

Would luv to see a neon green version!!! And maybe even a Tennessee Vols orange version! 🍺😎👍

Thomas Utley
3 months ago

Nice cups and I think I’ll call in very soon next few days with an order and place one for a couple of these cups …… Thanks for the heads up …. !

Neal Hagood
3 months ago

Nice cup! Does it float?

Rob Ehrhardt
3 months ago

You may want to ask the ‘owners’ if its ok to be recorded drinking beer at work!!

Stewart Headrick
4 months ago

I like it’s big.

Chad Moore
4 months ago

When I get paid gonna buy me one and also the silicone cup also

charles phillippi
4 months ago

Still have my cleat “insider” cup from way back. Just FYI, some of the metal cups that have lids in your collections as in my collections will fit the cleat cup. Keeps from spilling the Busch latte.

roberta preston
4 months ago

This is an awesome looking mug, but……..
It won’t travel in a yak, will it?

Billy Wilson
3 months ago

Good question…I guess the answer is, “maybe.” But, one thing’s for certain – if it goes overboard, you’ll likely waste a perfectly good “latte,” but you won’t lose your cup, because it floats!


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