The State Of The Fishing Union (2019)

By: Joseph Simonds on January 11, 2019
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state of the fishing union

Can you believe it’s 2019 already?

Last year flew by faster than a pinfish running from a hungry snook…

Anywho… I had quite a few Salt Strong members ask about where we believe the future of fishing is headed…

In particular, what do we see happening with fishing content, fishing education, and these online fishing communities?

So I recorded this unfiltered podcast while driving home the other day.


Click down below to listen in now (click here to learn more about the Salt Strong community including how to sign up).

I’ll also add in a video of the community at the bottom of the post.


Have any questions or feedback about this podcast episode?

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The State Of The Fishing Union (PODCAST)

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Ken Davis

Hey Guys, Thanks for sharing your vision/mission statement. Fishing and being outside is such a great way to bring family and friends together, sharing those experiences and making memories. I’m onboard. God Bless.

George Murphy

Hey Joe, Nice job doing a podcast on the fly! Lots of interesting comments and topics. A few thoughts…Since I joined Salt Strong last summer, I’ve devoured fishing info, mostly online. It’s also fun to pick up a free mag to look at pictures and see the latest equipment, boats, gear, etc. I just don’t see a need to buy any, myself. On You Tube I see numerous people/channels putting up useful content and tips. Really helpful, sharing info. Just like you guys. It’s awesome that it is no longer all just videos of people fishing. Those types of videos can be great, no doubt, with editing though. The online shopping scene is all over the place. I’m really forced to shop online because much tackle is just not available in brick and mortar, inland. I visit my local guys when at the coast and appreciate their businesses. Wal-Marts in Austin are awful for fishing gear. Academy is better but pretty limited. Bass Pro Shop is actually pretty good, and reasonable prices can be found there on many items. I find Amazon to be hit and miss on many things but absolutely the only source for other items. Try finding DOA C.A.L items for a reasonable price on Amazon. On the other hand, I found DOA C.A.L. jigheads that Luke likes for $3.99 online at Cabela’s, apparently not on sale either! So, just some stories that your podcast brought to mind. Finally, I assume the “non-Insider” FB page will remain? That’s a great and easy-to-use platform for users to share new tips and comment in real time, and learn from others in the fam! Go SS 2019!

Jim Ross

I like the mission statement. One thing that I like about Salt Strong is your display of catch and release and therefore conservation, which I think is especially important for the future of our sport along with all the other benefits.

Eric Black

Thanks, Joe. Happy 2019. Should be a fun year.

Charles Phillippi

Great podcast on State of the Union, “Think and Go Fish”. Awesome intro video to the club!
Salt Strong for Life!!