Sharks In The City: The Impacts Of Urban Sharks In Big Cities (Video & Podcast)


Ever been curious to know just how far massive hammerhead sharks come up into the canals, rivers, and waterways of big cities like Miami?

Ever wondered if the sharks that hang around urban areas are less scared of humans?

Well, we brought on University of Miami shark guru and grad student, Robbie Roemer to the Fish Strong podcast this week to discuss everything you want to know about the urbanization of sharks.

Including just what in the heck urbanization means when it comes to animals, sharks, etc.

Note: I met Robbie at a Florida Outdoor Writer’s Association (FOWA) meeting late last year and he had the audience on the edge of our seats wanting to know more about what he had discovered when it comes to these “urban sharks.”

He’s dedicated most of his waking days to sharks and plans to pursue similar shark studies into the future.


Urban Sharks (Video & Podcast)

urban sharks

See all three different ways to enjoy this shark research podcast below.

Don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions for us or Robbie by leaving a comment below.


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Learn More About This Shark Research

urban sharks

Here are a few links where you can learn more (including tracking some of the migration patterns of these urban sharks):

  1. The lab website where you can track satellite-tagged sharks:
  2. Scientific publication written by Robbie using first-hand accounts and interviews from fishing guides that is very interesting:
  3. Shark Lab Instagram: @sharktagging
  4. Lab twitter: @UMSharkResearch
  5. Adopted acoustically tagged shark twitter account that Robbie runs: @Shark_Gulliver
  6. Robbie’s personal website:

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