How To Catch Speckled Trout In The Winter (VIDEO & PODCAST)


We’re back!!!

Yep, the Fish Strong podcast is back in action for 2018.

We heard from many of our loyal members from the Insider Fishing Club that they wanted us to bring the podcast back, and when the Insiders speak, we listen.

So, we made a New Year’s Resolution to do at least two new podcast episodes every single month.

And since we were trying new things, we thought that we’d record this one so you could hear it one of three ways:

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In the meantime, here is Luke and myself talking all about catching trout in the winter (especially right after a cold front).

Enjoy and let us know what other topics or guests to have on next.

How To Catch Trout In The Winter (Video & Podcast)

See all three different ways to enjoy this wintertime trout podcast below.

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There are certain things you can be doing (and looking for) when it comes to catching speckled trout in the winter.

Just because a nasty cold front comes through doesn’t mean the trout bite is through.

It’s all just a matter of finding them.

And once you find the trout (usually all packed into one area), it can turn into a really fun day on the water.

Podcast Episode Notes:

  • To learn more about the Trout Mastery Course with Capt. CA Richardson mentioned in this podcast, click here now.
  • To learn more about the Insider Fishing Club mentioned in this podcast episode, click here now.

Finally, leave us a comment below on any topics you want us to cover next.

Tight lines!

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just dial share price
1 year ago

Nice post. I learn something totally new and challenging on websites

Fenely Smith
5 years ago

Great video, good information

Richard Fiorentino
6 years ago

Hey Luke – trying to find that paddletail, but no luck. Maybe you could buy a bunch and mark up a little and sell through the web site.

Luke Simonds
6 years ago

The store that I got them from is in Tampa and they are not yet selling them online… only way to get the exact ones I mentioned in the podcast is to go to their store (Southeaster Tackle).

A similar-to bait that easier to get is the paddle tail version of a Zoom Super Fluke… they can typically be found in chain retail stores.

Richard Fiorentino
6 years ago

Great Video Guys. Do you think the Trout in the boat channel are just used to all the traffic?

Luke Simonds
6 years ago

Yes, they most likely seek shelter there in bad weather and just get used to hearing the boats go overhead.

Brock Felthoff
6 years ago

Great video, Keep it up. Maybe put some info north up here around Crystal River and Homosassa

Luke Simonds
6 years ago
Reply to  Brock Felthoff

Thanks Brock! These same tactics work in the Crystal River area too. Here’s a link to my first trip up that way where I used the same trends that were working down here in Tampa to get into some fun redfish and trout:

Richard Fiorentino
6 years ago

went to Southeastern Tackle liquidators website. Could not find their 5″ paddletail

Luke Simonds
6 years ago

Their paddletails are located over to the right as you go into their store… go past the reel displays and you’ll then see a couple aisles of soft plastics.

Richard Fiorentino
6 years ago
Reply to  Luke Simonds

thanks luke , but i was on
the web site. Stay warm

Richard Fiorentino
6 years ago

When on the water, how do you spot the deeper potholes?

Luke Simonds
6 years ago

When I don’t have a depth finder handy, I’ll count the amount of seconds that it takes my lure to hit the bottom.

Neal Snyder
6 years ago

I travel all the time for work so the pod cast is a great way to “go fishing” while driving. Subscribed on apple.

Luke Simonds
6 years ago
Reply to  Neal Snyder

Thanks Neal!

Raymond Czapiga
6 years ago

Thanks for the video, thanks for staying sponser free

Luke Simonds
6 years ago

Our pleasure! Thanks for your continued support.

Richard Fiorentino
6 years ago

When on the water, how do you spot the deeper potholes? Great Video , as always.

Luke Simonds
6 years ago

In the case of the tournament day, the water was murky so I just used the channel markers to know where the deep trough would be.


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