Never Store These Lures Together [Important Lure Storage Tip]


This quick fishing tip will show you which soft plastic lures to never store together in order to make sure none of your equipment gets needlessly ruined while in storage.

The good news is that the lure storage mistake is very easy to avoid. So the risk of any of your lures getting ruined will be extremely low by following the simple recommendations explained in the video below.

Note: Just two lures are featured in this lesson, but it applies to all soft plastics so make sure to watch even if you haven’t yet tried the two lures featured above.

Never Store These Lures Together

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Featured Lures In This Video:

Melted Lures Example

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melted lures

Make sure to never store different soft plastics together especially if they are made from different materials because they may end up getting completely ruined.

The way to guarantee that none of your lures have a chemical reaction with one another is to simply keep them stored in the baggy or box that they were sold in.

This easy tip will ensure that they are always kept together and out of harm’s way.

Please use the Comments section below to let us know of any brands, in particular, you have had melting issues with.

And as always, please do not hesitate to use the Comments section to ask any questions… we’ll be happy to help answer whatever is on your mind.

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Lawrence Spitz
1 year ago

Can you use plastic baggies like ziplock to store brand specific plastics. What about hard plastic tackle storage boxes. Will the soft plastics react with the hard plastic

Oliver Clarke
1 year ago

Looks like Otis knows what to do!
Excellent advice as always. I also liked the 11 for1 pack for a handy variety easy to take on on yak or in my fishing bandolier when wading.

Ray Bierschenk
1 year ago

The 11 for 1 was a bit of a light bulb moment for me when a variety of the Salt Strong lures arrived in the same package. I set up a couple of these; one is in my wade fishing setup and the other I take in my kayak. I can grab the one package and switch lures while I find out (hopefully) what the fish are interested in. I have full packages of the reliables available but don’t have to look through all of them to make a quick change.

Michael Bievenour
1 year ago

Now you tell me after I wasted a lot of money

Philip Wimberly
1 year ago

The recommendation to store in the packaging they came in is practical for traditional soft plastics in baggies, but not so much for things like Chasebaits, Savage crabs etc. We all have boxes, trays and bags that organize our lures and adding bulky packaging just isn’t very efficient. 2 questions: Is it as simple as going by TPE or not? All TPE can touch and all non-TPE can touch? Second question is about the trays — are all of the new ones OK for all storage? It used to be that Zman would react badly with the plastic of the tray itself, but that seems to have been (at least mostly) fixed now.

Rob S
1 year ago

ElaZtech is partially TPE, and Z-Man’s proprietary formula. It’s a hybrid material that is 80% oil and 20% styrenic block copolymer (TPE) + a small amount of heat-resistance additives. So mixing various TPE baits together seems questionable to me – – might work on some, not on others. Z-Man will enter into licensing agreements with other companies so ElaZtech lures carry their own brand label. So if you see ElaZtech on the packaging, those should be safe to commingle with Z-man plastics. Strike King with their Redfish Magic Zulu, Redfish Magic Glass Minnow, and 3X Zero Sinking Stick worms are examples.

Scott Jarr
1 year ago

I stored two bait busters in the Plano 3700 series box, and they wrapped the grey sides of the row they were in.

John Sequino
1 year ago

I have the Power Prawns in a tackle tray and they melted together…

John Sequino
1 year ago
Reply to  Luke Simonds

Will do. They were in with just Power Prawns, large and small

John Barnhart
1 year ago
Reply to  John Sequino

All the slam shady stuff Saltstrong sent me melted together into a big glob of nothing. It would be nice if I hadn’t seen this video a month after joining… thanks Salstrong…NOT

Ray Jachim
1 year ago

Are ZMann lures and Brazilian Power Prawns made of the same material?

Thomas Marks
1 year ago

I was well aware of this problem of incompatible plastics. I have globs of experience.

Last edited 1 year ago by Thomas Marks
1 year ago

I thought all z-man plastics could be stored together?

Richard Thomas
1 year ago

Always good to remember! Great video!


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