The Best Way To Store Your Soft Plastic Lures (And What NOT To Do)


What’s the best way to store soft plastic lures?

There are many ways to ruin your lures and improper storage is one of them!

So in this new video, you’ll learn the best ways to store your soft plastic lures.

Check it out below!

How To Store Soft Plastic Lures [VIDEO]

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It is best to:

Keep them in the original packages?

Put them in a tackle tray?

And can you store them in gulp juice?

It’s a big risk storing soft plastics from different brands together.

In fact, if you store Z-Man soft plastics and it’s just touching another soft plastic, it will ruin both the lure it’s touching and the Z-Man lure itself.

They melt from a chemical reaction and it’s messy!

So, never mix soft plastic lure brands.

You can use each compartment in a tackle tray for different brands (just make sure they cannot touch each other).

Or just leave them in their original packaging.

And storing them in Gulp juice containers is a waste of time.

Gulp lures are made to absorb the liquid but other soft plastics will not fully absorb the Gulp juice.

Do you have any questions about how to store your soft plastics?

Have any other tips for storing lures?

Let me know down in the comments!

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Bob Alexander
1 year ago

I have always had a problem organizing my soft baits. I came across the Z-man Bait BinderZ Double wide. Has pockets for hooks, etc. Best binder I ever had. It is designed for Z-man soft bait containers/pouches that have the holes punched. I have lots of lures that aren’t Zman including Salt Strong options. So, I used some zippered bait holders from old binders and just put SS baits (keeping them in their original envelopes) in those pouches.

There’s one negative–the big rings that Zman uses rust easily just from salty air. Zman quickly replaced the originals when I called them. When the new set rusted I looked on Amazon for a replacement. I found nylon coated stainless steel wire keychains. They are fantastic For just a few bucks you’ll be able to get a lifetime supply (or share with a friend).

Problems solved. It is working great.

Mel Crissey
1 year ago

Good tips Luke. We’ve all been guilty of “welding” our soft plastics by mixing them in storage.

1 year ago

I paddled to an area I wanted to fish & stuffed 2 bags of Z-man paddletails (P/T) in my pockets, 1 new & unopened, the other opened once for the P/T I was throwing. I was in waste deep saltwater for about 45 min. When I got back to the yak, both bags (new & opened once & resealed) were full of water. I rinsed them with fresh bottled water at once hoping to save them but after they dried the next day they were ruined. The scent was gummed up like boogers everywhere in the bags & the electric chicken, which was almost impossible to find, looked like fading rainbows. Why did new unopened bags of baits take on saltwater? I tried to squeeze the bags to see where they leaked & they were sealed tight. This has happened in the past with my Z-man baits. I love Z’s & will always use them, but how does a “Z-ealed” lure baggy take on water & remain Z-ealed? Mike, FL Panhandle

Mike Nelson
1 year ago

Thanks for educating me, I had no idea great job

Jan Radjeski
1 year ago

Thanks Luke, I’ve had the same dilemma too. Good to be with you as a Salt Strong Insider. I like your Thursday Zoom discussion too. One day I’ll get up to speed and be able to join the active interaction with others when i learn to use the IT that you do.Thanks, Ski

Russell Bratcher
1 year ago

Been there and like everyone, learned the hard way. I’d make up my paddle tails in advance thinking I was saving time and didn’t pay attention when storing them together . Live and learn !

john malerich
1 year ago

MOST tackle trays will not react with soft plastic lures. Some do though. Most tackle trays are relatively soft and flexible. The “brittle” type trays also will melt into your soft plastics. I believe they are made mostly for flies but are to be avoided at the risk of your lures and the container.

Ray Thompson
1 year ago

Great information
As for someone as myself who is just beginning to actually learn how to fish. I really appreciate the tips and videos.
So happy to be a member

Steven Free
1 year ago

Yes I agree both zman and chasebaits both make there baits with the new plastics that are not comparable with other plastic baits so I store each on there own bait container and my hooks separate as well and for my hooks I always add one of those silicon packets that I get with my perscriptions I save these and add 1 to each hook compartment with keeps the moisture from making them rust

Curtis Wilson
1 year ago

Yes I found out the hard way about Z-Man’s baits… melted down and stuck together in a gooey mess


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