The Secret To Using Birds To Find Redfish, Trout, And Snook


Here’s a question that just came in:

How do you use birds to find fish on the flats?

This a great question because:

  1. Finding birds is one of the best ways to find fish, but…
  2. Not all birds lead to feeding fish

Check out the video below to learn how to use birds to find redfish, trout, and snook.

Using Birds To Find Fish [VIDEO]

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When birds are flying in the air and busting bait on the surface, that’s an obvious sign there are baitfish (and probably predator fish) around.

But that’s not exactly what I’m looking for…

I like to find birds that are wading in the water, or sitting along structure or a shoreline.

You’ll often find redfish nearby because these fish are hunting bait in the shallows.

Even if the birds aren’t actively hunting, they could have just finished feeding.


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Next time you’re on the water trying to find fish, look for birds.

But don’t look up to the sky, look for them wading or holding near the shallows.

Have any questions about using birds to help you find fish?

Let me know down in the comments.

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Rob Bordelon
4 days ago

Tony, I see birds. I see birds dive. As I drive the birds leave and now they are diving somewhere else. Repeat and do it all over again. How do you approach the area?

Billy Sargent
4 days ago

I have tried birds a lot. Found least tern frenzy equal 0 for trout. Wen seagulls are involved usually catch some trout. When Pelicans are in on action usually Spanish or Lady fish. My last getaway also had blue fish. I saw and heard bluefish great for flounder. Thanks for all you guys do.

Larry Brown
5 days ago

So basically if you see a bird try and fish ?

Jerry Dexter
6 days ago

Thanks Tony

Colin Campbell
6 days ago

Thanks Tony, I think I saw Luke mentioned in a post that he would not consider diving pelicans as an indication of fish in the area. Seamed strange that he would say that. Did I hear him wrong?

6 days ago
Reply to  Colin Campbell

Pelicans have been a great indicator for me, especially when several are diving into schools of baitfish. I always watch for them

Sam Craparo
6 days ago
Reply to  Colin Campbell

I think what you are alluding to is he mentioned if the pelicans are diving in the middle of a Bay or in deep water away from structure there is less of a chance to find fish.

Chad Craig
6 days ago

☆ Thanks Tony, great insight!

Kevin S.
6 days ago

Thanks for answering my question.

Philip Stoddard
6 days ago

Here’s a useful finding by scientist Alan Poole, who studied osprey foraging and reproduction behavior in Florida Bay in the 1970s. When an osprey captures a fish in a school, it flies back to the nest in an undulating pattern. If it captures a single fish, it returns with level flight. This behavior is for the benefit of other ospreys, but it can work for fishermen as well. By watching the osprey’s flight pattern after a successful dive, you can tell if it’s worth heading to where it just captured the fish.

Rex Russo
6 days ago

Cool. I know what you mean by undulating pattern as I have seen them fly that way, but had no idea why, nor do I believe did the captain of the boat. Great info.


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