The Amazing Story Of Catching The Same Bull Redfish Twice In One Year!


The Details:

  • I first caught this bull redfish on September 23, 2016
  • I re-caught the same fish June 14, 2017
  • This redfish was caught in the exact same spot using the same type of bait (cut mullet)

The Story:

While fishing near Titusville, Florida, I was targeting bull redfish out of my kayak.

Before too long, I was hooked into a beast and my line was screaming out.

After a brief fight, the fish actually broke me off on bottom structure, and I was devasted. 

I hate losing nice fish…

And I hate leaving a hook and leader in a fish’s mouth…

However, an hour later I hooked into another nice redfish only to find my original leader and hook in her mouth from when she broke me off just an hour earlier.

I caught the same bull redfish twice in one hour… (and the story gets better).

bull redfish catch
This is the unique spot on the right side of the redfish (caught Sept 2016)


bull redfish
Here’s the circular spot on the left side of the fish

Almost a year later, I was in the exact same spot on my kayak filming a video for our Insider Fishing Club, and before you know it, I was hooked up.

I could tell it was a nice bull red right away by the way she was fighting.

After a nice fight, I finally landed the beautiful bull red below.

I couldn’t help but notice the unique spots, and I felt like I had seen them before.

I took a few pics, released this fish, and then headed home to check my old images to see if it was indeed the same fish I caught last September.

Low and behold, it was the same fish!

Caught in the same spot using the same bait.

How cool is that!

bull redfish
The view of the unique spot on the right side of the redfish
bull redfish caught twice
Here’s a pic of the left-hand side of the fish on the June 2017 catch

Note: you’ll notice the matching spot from the other side of the fish from the pic of me in the green shirt with the full fish (September) and the release pic of the tail where I am in the shot holding the tail with the fish in the water (June)

Pretty wild, huh?

Hooking into the same bull redfish three times in one year.

What’s your best fishing story?

Let me know in the comments.

P.S. – If you want to see the EXACT spot where I was fishing (including many more spots and year-round inshore trends), then join our Insider Fishing Club by applying here now.

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Bob O
3 years ago

now thats a redfish – never been to titusville..

Will check it on the map

Can I get a Hewes 18 redfisher in the area where you hit that redfish in titusville ?


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