You’ve Got To See This Amazing Mosquito Lagoon Redfish Sightcasting Footage!

mosquito lagoon redfish sightcasting


It’s redfish sightfishing time!

This video will make you want to hit the water and stalk redfish in your kayak today.

The following footage is all from last week while Salt Strong’s very own Tony Acevedo was filming an Insider fishing report for our Insider Fishing Club members (click here to join the club)

Watch as Tony runs across some of the most “un-spookable” redfish in all of Mosquito Lagoon, Florida!

The second redfish was pretty amazing and if you slow the video down and look closely, you will see the redfish right in front of his kayak (great eyes, Tony).

Back to back casts for redfish = Redfish STRONG!


Mosquito Lagoon Redfish Sightcasting Video

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Pretty awesome sightfishing footage, huh?

The lesson in this Mosquito Lagoon redfish video is two-fold:

  • Always paddle quietly in stealth mode as you never know what’s just 10-20 feet in front of you…
  • Always be looking for tailing redfish or redfish in the weeds as most kayak anglers would have paddled right over these two redfish that Tony caught

Finally, always have an artificial lure ready to deploy at a moment’s notice…

Want to see the EXACT spot Tony was fishing along with countless other fishing spots, trends, and other exclusive inshore fishing tips?

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Any questions for Tony on how to sightcast for redfish like this?

Let us know in the comments.

Fish On!

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Arthur Courchesne
Arthur Courchesne
2 years ago

I’m still learning about redfish. What made you decide to fish in open water rather than near mangroves etc (structure)?

Tony Acevedo
Tony Acevedo
2 years ago

This particular area that I found those redfish cruising around is called a flat. These are typically just flat shallow areas with a lot of sea grass (which you can see in the video). This grass is key for holding redfish and trout as it is a primary habitat for their food (baitfish, crabs, shrimp, shellfish, etc). So these flats are usually out in open water and will be much shallower than the surrounding area.

Tony Reyna
Tony Reyna
2 years ago

nice! any knowledge of gator issues involving wade fishing the lagoon south of the biolab launch?

Tony Acevedo
Tony Acevedo
2 years ago
Reply to  Tony Reyna

I haven’t heard much of any issues but I know there are a few gators lurking around whales tail, but its more out off there shoreline

Richard Hastings
Richard Hastings
2 years ago

Love your videos. I just moved onto the canals in Palm Coast and want to learn the best way to fish them, what bait to use , etc. At night small fish are constantly striking the top water fish and every once I a while something big smashes the water. I haven’t had any luck catching them and have tried numerous lures.

Tony Acevedo
Tony Acevedo
2 years ago

Thanks for the feedback Richard!

I would try a glow gulp shrimp or glow gulp jerk shad if trying to catch them at night. The glow can help draw them in especially if they are snook. Also try a zara spook jr. in the bone color.


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