Rapala Skitter Walk vs. Rapala Skitter V (Plus Underwater Footage)

By: Joseph Simonds on March 9, 2017
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rapala skitter walk vs rapala skitter v

It’s Rapala Skitter Time!

In particular, I am going to review the new Rapala Skitter V and compare it to the popular Rapala Skitter Walk lure.

Why Topwater Lures?

Topwater lures are by far one of the most exciting lures to catch fish on due to the aggressive strikes they produce.

Watching a fish destroy a lure on the surface never gets old.

In addition, top water lures are fairly simple to use.

There is no tried and true retrieval technique aside from the fact that you just twitch the bait back to you. How fast, how slow, and how many pauses you make during the retrieve will greatly determine if, and when, you get that explosion on your lure.

You just have to get on the water and experiment with it and see what is most effective on the day you are out.

Rapala “Updates” Their Famous Skitter Walk

Rapala has tweaked their famous topwater plug known as the “Skitter Walk” to add some extra action to the lure. 

Instead of a traditional “round” belly that most topwater plugs have (such as their original “Skitter Walk”), the Skitter V has a v-shaped bottom that allows for some extra glide as the lure is “walking the dog” on the surface.

I’ll show some underwater footage of how this new lure moves below.

But first, check out the differences in the two Rapala topwater lures.

rapala skitter walk vs skitter v

Notice the Skitter Walk on the left has a much more “rounded” bottom compared the the “v-shape” on the new Skitter V (on right)

Now here’s a side angle view.

rapala skitter walk vs skitter v

Here is a side view of both lures. Notice how much thinner and longer the new Rapala Skitter V is on the right

Rapala “Skitter Walk” [Pros & Cons]

rapala skitter walk

Rapala Skitter Walk Pros:

  1. Price – A little cheaper than the Skitter V ranging from $8 – $10
  2. Smaller than the Skitter V – sometimes the fish want a smaller lure
  3. Heavy enough to make easy casts in the wind

Skitterwalk Cons:

  1. Line tends to hang up on the front treble hook at times while retrieving
  2. Hooks will rust out after a few uses in saltwater if not taken care of
  3. May be hard to find as many stores are clearing them out and replacing them with the Skitter V

Now let’s compare the pros and cons of the Rapala Skitter V.

Rapala “Skitter V” [Pros & Cons]

rapala skitter v lure

Rapala Skitter V Pros:

  1. Awesome action compared to the original Skitterwalk (which you will see in the video below)
  2. Due to the fast gliding action, you can cover a good amount of water being able to make long casts.
  3. It catches fish! (which you will also see in the video)

Rapala Skitter V Cons:

  1. Price – these range from $10-$12 depending on where you purchase. A bit high compared to some other traditional topwater lures (click here to see the latest price on Amazon)
  2. Not weedless – treble hooks come standard on this lure which tend to snag everything in site (including skin). Rapala has some other new lures out that come standard with inline hooks. This would have been nice for the Skitter V to have to eliminate snags on grass that may be floating on the surface.
  3. Hooks will rust out after a few uses in saltwater if not taken care of properly.

Rigging The Rapala Skitter Walk / Skitter V

When attaching the Skitter V to your leader, it is highly recommended to use a loop knot to get the most out of the lure’s action.

I personally like the Kreh Loop knot as it is one of the strongest (and easiest) loop knots to tie.

Click here to see a video on how to tie the Kreh Loop knot.

Note: I also encourage you to replace the treble hook with a single, inline hook.

rapala skitter walk vs skitter v lure

A loop knot on this Rapala Skitter V

Rapala Skitter V Review & Comparison [VIDEO]

In this video review, I will be comparing the Skitter V to the original Skitterwalk by Rapala.

You will see how they look from and underwater view, and also see some fish catching action on the new Skitter V from my kayak.

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In conclusion, the “updated” Skitter V certainly has more action than the original Rapala Skitter Walk.

This will let you cover more ground because it really does slide and glide a whole lot quicker than the old version when you are walking the dog.

The only downside I see so far is the price. The Rapala Skitter V is a few bucks more and that can really add up if you go throug a lot of lures.

Stay tuned for more on the water action with this new topwater lure from Rapala.

Any other questions about this lure?

Let me know in the comments.

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Tight Lines!

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James Sheehan
1 year ago

Great review! Do you have a preference with color on them?

Bill Soscia
1 year ago

Hey Tony, great information as always. I’ve seen some conflicting information on treble versus inline hooks. On another segment, I believe I saw #4 EWG Gamakatsu treble hooks recommended versus single inline hooks. I understand that with the single inline hooks, grass will be less of an issue but I’m concerned with hookup ratios. I noticed in the video you caught a nice trout with the Skitter Walk V that had treble hooks. Do you feel the hook up ratio is decreased with the single in line hooks?

Michael McDowell
1 year ago

Just got off the water using the skidder V. Have seen this video several times before and it is helpful for me to review often. Just before sunset almost no breeze, mid out going tide, medium to strong current. casting up current mangroves on one side small docks on the other. Could easily reach both shorelines. In my mind ideal top water situation. Snook thought so too. I wore myself out casting and watching fish slam, bat and follow the lure. Every third or so cast something happened. I can’t figure what I was doing wrong or not doing that no hook ups? I had a blast but got schooled and humiliated. No video or witnesses thank God. Would love to see some videos coaching how to actually catch these fish. The ones I saw were slot sided Fish and made great memories but I want to post one of them. Thanks for the video Tony.

Steven Free
2 years ago

Yes Tony the skitter v is an awesome topwater i fell in love with it the first day i tried it at faver dykes state park has a lot of great action and to me the price isn’t to bad maybe a buck more then the spook Jr but well worth it I’m sure in the future rapala will make one as small as the ole skitter walk for times when the fish want a little smaller lure like the spring and I just recently purchased enough inline hooks to do about 16 lures number 1 ought bcc saltwater grade I put them on most of the topwater I use anyways great video thanks again for some awesome advice would love to show you guana real fishy place closed starting tomorrow for duck season opens back up in Feb I believe the 11th thanks again😁

Steven Free
2 years ago
Reply to  Steven Free

Sorry the in lines are vmc my phone likes to miss spell

Jeff Chancellor
2 years ago

what inline hooks do you recommend with any sizing information … say Skitterwalk vs Skitter V….

Steven Free
2 years ago

Vmc number 1 ought 8 to a pak enough for 4 lures 5.99 at strike zone fishing here in Jax fl

Craig Wycinsky
2 years ago

Yes, thanks. I’ll go look for them today. Not easy to find…

Craig Wycinsky
3 years ago

Hi Tony
I have removed all my treble hooks from all my top water plugs and don’t know what to replace them with. The thick Owner 3/0’s I’ve tried are too heavy and sink my lures. Any suggestions?
Thanks, Craig

2 years ago
Reply to  Craig Wycinsky

Hi Craig,
I use VMC inline hooks size 2 X on the skitter v’s. They haven’t sunk for me however in choppy water I revert back to the skitter walk(3x). I feel the v is best in calm water. I’ve landed many reds, snook and trout with the skitter v. I hope that helps….

2 years ago
Reply to  Louise

I use the size in a 3X Strong.

Craig Wycinsky
3 years ago

I agree completely about the treble hook problem but I have effectively disabled all my treble hook plugs by removing the trebles and replacing them with a single hook. They don’t move the same in the water! I’m thinking I have too heavy of a single hooks as the fore and aft end of my plugs are drafting a lot of water…especially the aft. All this to ask, “what size and weight single hooks should I use.” Thanks.

Wes Hall
3 years ago

What size, type, and brand of in line hooks would you use to replace the treble hooks on these lures?

3 years ago

Did you try with an inline hook? Wondering if it affected the action. If so, what hook did you switch to?

Luke Simonds
3 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Not yet, but it’s on the to-do list. Tight Lines!

Here’s an article specifically about replacing treble hooks with single hooks in case interested: https://www.saltstrong.com/articles/how-to-replace-treble-hooks/