How To Catch A Livewell Full Of Threadfin Using A Sabiki Rig

By: Joseph Simonds on July 11, 2017
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catch threadfins on sabiki rig

It’s live bait time!

In particular, threadfins.

Threadfins are awesome bait for most inshore fish, and tarpon eat them up like candy.

The great news is that you don’t need a cast net to get your live well full of threadfins.

So if you forget your cast net, lose it your cast net (or destroy it on underwater structure), or just don’t know how to throw a cast net well, keeping a sabiki rig on board can be a great idea.

The best news is that the entire family can do it (so adults can sit back and let the kids catch bait – and have a blast doing it).

This video comes to us from Capt. Justin Napior (make sure to follow Justin’s fishing adventures here on Instagram)

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How To Use A Sabiki Rig To Catch Threadfins


As you can see, it doesn’t take much to catch threadfins using a sabiki rig.

All you need is:

  • An inexpensive rod and reel
  • Sabiki rig
  • 1 oz weight
  • Dehooker
  • Live well

Then it’s just a matter of finding the schools of threadfins (which are the ones usually schooling up right near the surface), casting into the school with your 1-oz weight and sabiki rig, slowing reeling it in using a few bumps of the rod, and wait for the bait to hit the small hooks.

Definitely take advantage of the fact that threadfins will often hit the sabiki line when another threadfin is hooked.

It’s not rare to catch 3-4 threadfins at a time (in a single cast).

Do you have any other tips to catch live bait using sabiki rigs?

Let us know in the comments.

Tight Lines.

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Craig Schneider

A tip I learned for keeping the hooks from dangling and snagging you is to connect them together, in pairs. I think I got that from Youtube video. I take the weight off, and connect it to the hook keeper (or guide).

John Miller

Any tips on handling them while putting them on the hook to keep from killing them?


Not really. A quick grab to put them on the hook wont hurt.


Great info! Thanks!! Any advice on finding the threadfins?


In the summer they can be found off shore on any structure. They can sometimes be found 50 to 100 yards off the beach depending on your area. Pretty much down the whole west coast they can be found 1 to 3 miles off shore on you local reefs and wrecks.

Chris Morgan

Really good video captain! Thanks for sharing.


Thank you. You’re very welcome!


Really good video captain! Thanks


No problem. Thank you!!