[Video #4 Unlocked] Winter Time Trout Tactics With Capt. C.A. Richardson


It’s the FINAL day to watch all four trout videos and take advantage of Capt. C.A.’s risk-free trout course!

Note, we filmed the most comprehensive trout course ever filmed, and C.A. is practically giving it away risk-free until midnight tonight (Cyber Monday).

In case you missed any of the prior three trout videos, here is what we covered:

  • Video #1: Finding Ideal Trout Spots
  • Video #2: The Best Overall Trout Lure
  • Video #3: How To Fish A New Spot Like A Pro
  • Video #4: Winter Time Trout Tactics

Want to see all four?

The best news is that you can get immediate access to ALL FOUR VIDEOS by clicking this link now.

winter trout tactics

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Steven Free
5 years ago

Hey capt Rich its your biggest fan lol I just wanted to thank you for the honor and privilege in meeting you and your lovely wife and attending a very informative class on some very I thought interesting topics one being mostly to me the line abrasion strength between braid and mono I bought some more mono after I said good bye to you today and plan on switching leaders on several of my rods that listening to you seemed better I told Luke today in an email telling him how much I appreciate great guys like you and him that are honest and extremely knowledgeable in your fields of expertise no b’s just great info at what I believe is a very great price its also awesome to know that guys like me can find something on the internet that is true and not a bunch of bs let alone the money being lost paying for it I have only fished inshore saltwater for about 15 years but in my 53 years on this earth I have probably been fishing about 48 of them but since working the brine I have learned a lot especially in the 4 months being a member to saltstrong I don’t watch to much tv on fishing so I’m sorry I never watched your flats class but I will in the now thank you for all you do I greatly look forward to other exciting topics in this never ending learning sport of inshore saltwater fishing until next time my new found friend take care and God bless you and your family in this holiday season now and forever more!!!????


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