Artifical Lure Tips

Here is the homepage for tutorials, reviews, tips, and how-to’s with artificial lures!

Be sure to check out the mini-courses for each style of artificial lure! Presentation comes first before everything else. A $2 lure can work just as well as a $20 if it’s fished correctly

The Truth About Topwater Lure Colors (And Whether Or Not Color Matters)

Does the color of your topwater lure actually matter? Can fish tell a difference, or are the fancy colors just to make sales? See the truth.
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Top 3 Fishing Lures To Catch Big Speckled Trout This Fall

Want to catch big trout this fall? These 3 lures are proven to catch trout and cover a variety of conditions. Learn how to rig them and...
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How To Use MirrOlure Twitchbaits To Catch Fall Redfish & Trout

When the water gets colder and the fish get lazier, twitchbaits are great options to get them to eat. Learn the best tactics and spots to...
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This Is The #1 Lure For Fall Fishing (For Redfish, Flounder, Trout & Snook)

Want to know what the best lure for fall fishing is? Since fish are keyed in on big baitfish, and there can be big temperature swings, it's...
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Best New Lure For Catching Big Reds, Trout & Snook In The Fall (VIDEO)

If you plan on fishing this fall and early winter, then you've got to check out this new lure. Proven to work on even the biggest fish!
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Best Leader Line For Topwater Lures (Mono vs. Fluoro)

Learn what factors to consider when selecting the leader line for fishing with topwater lures... mono vs. fluoro & strength selection tips.
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Best Lures For Mahi-Mahi & Blackfin Tuna (And How To Troll With Them)

Want to know what the two best lures when trolling for dolphin and blackfin tuna are? See what they are and how to use them here.
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How To Rig & Retrieve The Alabama Leprechaun Lure

This page will show you how to catch the most fish possible while using your Alabama Leprechaun lures: rigging, retrieving, size control, & much more.
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Inshore Slam On The Slam Shady Paddletail [Full Report – Map Analysis, & Tactics]

On this trip I was determined to only catch fish using the Slam Shady paddle tail lure and it was a success! Just goes to...
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Top 3 Sight Fishing Mistakes (That Most Fishermen Make)

Most anglers don't catch fish while sight fishing because of these 3 common mistakes (that are easy to fix). Are you making one of these mistakes?
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How To Pick Out The Best Bucktail Jig In A Store (For Any Type Of Fishing)

Want to know how to pick out the best bucktail jig in a tackle store? It can be overwhelming with all of the options, but this video will simplify the...
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