Tips for Summer Fishing

Check out these tips on where, when, and how to successfully find and catch fish during the summer season!

Spot Dissection Request – Summer Time Spots [Mobile Bay, AL]

In this Spot Dissection will be taking a look at another example as to why and where you should be looking for inshore fish in...
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Spot Dissection Request: Jacksonville, Florida Late Spring/Summer Spots and Tactics

This Spot Dissection will be discussing where and how to target inshore fish in murky coastal regions in the late spring and into summer. Jacksonville...
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Top 3 Lures For Fishing Coastal Marshes (For Redfish, Trout, & Flounder)

Want to know what the best lures for fishing coastal marshes are? See them here, as well as how to rig them and how to use them to catch more fish.
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How To Find Redfish – Understanding Redfish Feeding Behavior and Habitat [San Antonio Bay, TX Example]

Understanding redfish feeding habits and diet can definitely help in understanding the types of areas you will find them. We will be talking redfish behavior...
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The BEST Time To Use Cut Bait (For Trophy Redfish, Trout & Snook)

Want to know when the best times to use cut bait are? Learn my 2 favorites times in this video, plus see my favorite baits for cut bait and how to avoid...
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[Insider Q & A] Water Temps and Inshore Fishing: What You Need to Know

Just how important are water temps when it comes to inshore fishing? In this video, I will be addressing a few questions that some of...
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