The Trick To Catching Quality Fish In The Summer


It’s time to shift our focus to summer and explain a quick trick to catching quality fish!

In this video, we are talking about targeting quality fish this summer in shallow water scenarios.

Learn all about it right here!!

Trick To Catching Quality Fish [VIDEO]

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There are three main factors that you must take into account when fishing in the summer.

Those three are when you are fishing, where you are fishing, and the tide cycle.

Time Of Day

Some of the best times to fish in the summer are early in the morning, late in the evening, or even at night.

However, you want those twilight periods of the day to be your main focus for shallow water fishing.

The reason is those shallow water areas warm up the fastest just like in the wintertime.

During the day, these areas are hit with direct sunlight which decreases the amount of oxygen in the water.

The evening and morning time periods are going to be your best bet for summertime.

Where To Fish

When fishing in the summertime, you want to make sure you’ve got a few things around you.

The first is making sure you have some deeper water nearby to your fishing spot.

This gives the fish an escape route and helps bring cooler water with more oxygen to help with current flow.

The other thing to keep in mind when selecting a fishing spot is the type of structure in the area.

Oysters, grass flats, rocks, and other underwater structures provide protection for fish waiting to strike prey.

Tide Cycle

In the summertime, you preferably want to set yourself up to fish an incoming tide.

The reason is that all the fresh water packed with oxygen and bait is brought in with the tide.

Outgoing tides have warmer water and less oxygen which leads to not nearly as much bait moving out with the tide.

These are the times when predatory fish will actually retreat to deeper water.

Bottom line, the low incoming tide in the summer is the ideal tide to fish, especially when it lines up with either of the twilight periods.

In a low incoming tide scenario, the feeding window is longer than say if you went fishing later in the evening.

Lure Options

Our go-to lure profile for the flats is a small paddletail lure.

You can cover a lot of water and due to a lack of structure on the flats, this is an excellent search bait to help you locate where the fish are stacked up.

Paddletails are designed to get noticed and cover lots of water to find where those fish are.]

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Now is a great time to start to plan out and have an idea for your summer fishing game plan.

Fish behaviors often are in response to the seasons changing and current conditions.

Keep an eye out for morning low incoming tides this summer!!!

Do you have any questions about this trick to catching quality fish in summer?

Let me know down in the comments section below!

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john mandt
27 days ago

Thanks Richard….great info! Someone was giving me some pointers and mentioned the fishing flats close to deeper water, but didn’t explain why. This video really helped solidify this in my brain!

George Layton
1 month ago

Great tip Richard & appreciate the spot-on info !!! Love the summertime low/no light bite for BIG Reds & Snook !!!

Steven Free
1 month ago

Yea that’s pretty much what I fish in summer is incoming tide I usually start in the evening I love a tide that is high by around 830pm because I usually start around 6ish so I would have a good 2 to 2.5 hours before dead high then when the tide is slack I take a little snack break and wait for the tide to start moving again and I hit a few creek outlets then and since it would be at night the water isnt so warm and I fish it until dead low then I usually sleep on my boat a few hours and then probably around 6am start fishing again that way I beat all the other anglers beginning to launch I’ll already be at my chosen spot to start then about 10 to 11 I’m off the water because this yankee cant take the heat of the day how you guys wrap yourself up like a mummy and fish in the heat with all those cloths on is plain nuts to me I night fish at night then the few hours I am in the sun I put on some good tanning sunscreen because pasty white isnt my style and I tan easily anyways thanks for the tip and all you do😉👍


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