Weekly Newsletter: 1-5-20

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Welcome to the first newsletter of 2020!

I hope you had a wonderful New Year’s Eve and Christmas and all the other fun holiday celebrations recently.

To help you ring in the New Year with lots of fish, we’ve got some great tips in this week’s newsletter, including:

  • When the best times are to use blue crab
  • What the ideal leader length is
  • An in-depth Q&A video
  • And much more

You can check out the newsletter tips below, but first, big shoutout to Kristipher for this awesome Panhandle redfish pictured above!

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Why The Length Of Your Fishing Leader Line Can Be Critical

Want to know what the ideal leader line length is? Or why you would choose a short leader over a longer leader? Watch this video for the answers.
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Spot Dissection: Winter Spots and Tactics [Member Request for Salt River, FL]

In this video I will be dissecting an area near Crystal River, FL – requested by member William Easterly. Since this video is being made...
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Current Patterns and Findings for Winter Inshore Fishing [Map Analysis + On the Water Report]

With many of my go-to areas being very unproductive, I decided to check out an area I hadn’t been to in quite some time. A...
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Smart Fishing Game Plan For The Weekend [Jan 4th – 5th]

This video shows a game plan that you can use to catch inshore slams this coming weekend based on the recent trends and the upcoming weather.
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Introducing The Salt Strong “Inner Circle” (LIVE RECORDING)

On today's live call, we discuss the Inner Circle, share the latest trends, do some live spot dissections, answer questions, and much much more.
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BEST Time To Use Blue Crab (For Redfish, Snook, Tarpon & Black Drum)

Want to know when the best times to use blue crab are? In this video we'll identify the best times, why they're the best times, and which types of...
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How To Organize All Your Fishing Tackle Into One Bag

Sick of bringing too much stuff out fishing with you? Check out this video where I'll show you how to fit everything you need in just 1 bag.
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The Fishing Theme Park…

Can you imagine a theme park based entirely around fishing? Families fishing and spending time together, kids learning about the great outdoors..
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Strong Angler Of The Week: Steve Glover

Can you imagine catching loads of trout and giving your sons the time of their life on the water? That's exactly what this Strong Angler of the Week did!
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[Insider Q & A] Will Fish Feed in Strong Current?

Is there a certain time when the current is just too strong for fish to feed?? We had this question come in from Insider Fishing...
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