How To Organize All Your Fishing Tackle Into One Bag


Are you bringing too much tackle out on your fishing trips?

Sure, you may have everything you need, but it can often take forever searching through all your bags and boxes to try find the one thing you need.

Sound familiar?

In this video, I’m going to show you how I organize all of my fishing tackle into just a few small boxes that all fit in one bag.

These boxes have everything I need and allow me to quickly find, replace, or put away whatever I’m using.


Organizing Your Fishing Tackle [VIDEO]

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Here’s what I usually bring on my fishing trips:

  1. 1-2 Plano 3640‘s (about the size of my two hands)
  2. 2 Plano 3440‘s (about the size of a cell phone)
  3. 1 Ziplock gallon bag

That’s it.

Below is what I usually have in these bags.

What I Bring For Inshore Fishing

If I’m planning on using mostly artificial lures, here’s what I’ll bring:

In the 2 Plano 3640‘s I have one box for my hooks, jig heads, and split shots, and one box for my hard baits.

I actually don’t use that many hard baits, so if I wanted to I could just take a few topwaters from my hard baits box and throw them in the terminal tackle box.

In the 2 Plano 3440‘s I usually have my Gulp baits or Fish Bites.

Most of the time, I have one box for Gulp jerk shads and another for Gulp shrimp.

In the Ziplock bag, I’ll have my leader line (20-30 lb Berkley Vanish) and packs of soft plastics, like the Slam Shady.

Finally, I’ll have my cutting tools, like Danco Pliers, or split ring scissors.

I’ll usually put all of this in a cooler or dry bag.

What I Bring When Pier, Jetty or Surf Fishing

When I’m fishing from a pier, jetty, or even the surf, I’ll simplify my tackle.

I’ll usually bring one Plano 3640 with weights, swivels, and hooks.

I’ll also bring my cutting tools and a few spools of leader.

As far as leader material goes, I like to bring 20-60 lb leader, depending on the structure and species I’m targeting.


four spot redfish

By simplifying my tackle to only a few small boxes, fishing is much easier and enjoyable, plus I don’t need to stress about where anything is.

Do you have any tips or hacks to organize your fishing tackle?

Let me know in the comments below!

And if you know someone who needs to get more organized, please TAG or SHARE this with them!

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Robert Glantz
10 months ago

Thanks! This video really helped me understand efficiency and minimalism to keep it light and easy.

Justin Todd
1 year ago

What type of scent attractant do you use in the containers for your artificials? Shrimp? Crab?

John Purdue
1 year ago

Good info. Love those danco pliers. I looked them up and dang those are some high dollar pliers

James Doyel
1 year ago

I have mine setup almost exactly like that. I have 1 3600, the blue lip, with an assortment of hooks, weights, jigs, swivels, etc. but I put my favorite top water, twitch, and spoon in their as well. This box goes everywhere with me just in case.
If I know I’m fishing artificials only. I have my soft plastics and hard baits in separate 3600 containers, and all the terminal tackle for them in a 3500 container I think. The one with the yellow lip.
If I’m fishing live only. Then I have all my tackle and weights in another 3500 yellow container. Plus the 3600 that goes everywhere with me.
Then I also have 1 3400, the red lip, with random tools and emergency type stuff that I always take.
Also another 3400 with bait scents, reel oil, anything that involves liquid basically.


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