Weekly Newsletter: 2-28-21

It’s Newsletter time!

Hints of spring are in the air as the days are getting a little warmer and longer.

The fish will be on the move soon (if not already), so keep an eye out here for the most up-to-date trends on where the bite is.

And to help you go out and crush it this coming week, we’ve got some awesome fishing tips for you here, including:

  • The best way to rig live shrimp for monster black drum
  • What the future of online fishing groups is (and why thousands of anglers are fleeing Facebook)
  • How to catch trophy trout in the spring
  • How to set the hook when using shrimp jigs (and how we caught 8 fish in 8 casts)
  • An update on the fish kill in Texas (and how us as anglers can help out)

Check out these tips and more in the newsletter below!

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Why Thousands Of Saltwater Anglers Are Leaving Facebook For This…

Big companies are controlling what people say online more and more. Fishing Facebook groups are becoming censored, full of spam, and...
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Texas Fish Kill Update: Trout Decimated, Redfish Report & More

Texas fisheries have been decimated due to the historic freeze. See the good news, bad news, and how you can help the fish recover here.
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Easy Way To Rig LIVE SHRIMP For Monster Black Drum

Want to catch monster black drum? See how to rig live shrimp for them, and avoid these common mistakes that waste money and keep you from...
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Slam Shady In Bass Pro Shops! (Full Story Of This Global Record-Breaking Lure)

Have you seen it? Slam Shady is in Bass Pro shops and other tackle stores around the world! Get the full history of this lure and hear why...
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How To Set The Hook With Shrimp Jigs (8 Fish Caught In 8 Casts)

Want to improve your hookup ratio? Setting the hook properly is one way to do that. Most people aren't doing it right, and it's stopping...
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Plano Z Series Waterproof Tackle Bag Review (Top Pros & Cons)

Sick of coming home with a soggy tackle bag? Check out this review of the Plano Z Series waterproof tackle bag. You'll see how big it is, how...
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Why Holding Your Rod Tip Up Or Down Makes A Big Difference

Should you hold your rod tip up or down when retrieving your lure? It depends on the conditions (mostly wind and depth), and how the fish...
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The Weekend Game Plan Lesson [Feb 26th to Feb 28th]

See the 3 things to look for this weekend to easily identify the specific spots where the most feeding fish will be holding.
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Salt Strong Neck Gaiters Are BACK! (For Now…)

The Salt Strong Neck Gaiters protect you from the sun, look amazing, and are more comfortable with this new material. Plus, thanks to Otis, you...
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Finding Ideal Areas To Kayak Fish [Spot Dissection Request – Sanibel, FL]

In this Spot Dissection Lesson we will be discussing an area requested by Insider Member Larry Poe, in particular finding ideal spots to fish from...
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How To Find The Best Inshore Spots In Your Area (In 30 Minutes Or Less)

Want to see a super quick and easy way to discover new honey holes in your area (all from the comfort of your home)? Then watch this!
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Fishing For Trophy Trout in the Spring

Spring time is near! This also means that the bigger fish will be on the move. In this video, Salt Strong Fishing Coach Capt Peter...
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Strong Angler Of The Week: Ramon Colon

Most people fish from a boat or kayak, or are land-based. But this angler and his wife use their jet ski to get to the honey holes! Hear the...
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This is the coolest thing I've ever seen on a boat! To honor our Lifetime Insider Members, we put their names on the front, and in this...
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