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What are the top 3 spring lures for speckled trout?

What fishing products do you no longer buy?

When should you use a Ned Rig jighead in saltwater?

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  • Top 3 Artificial Lure Mistakes
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Awesome Snook Catch While Skipping New Lure Under Docks

Just wanted to share a fun snook catch that took place while skipping our new shrimp lure up under some docks. During a recent dock...
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How To Find Tailing Redfish During A Negative Tide [Insider Report]

Fishing in a new area can be very daunting, even for an experienced angler. There are so many variables to consider! -What are the Tides...
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Top 3 Spring Lures For Speckled Trout (Plus A BONUS Lure)

What are the top 3 spring lures for speckled trout fishing? What lures do you absolutely need to catch more trout this spring?...
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Lessons Learned Fishing In A New Area [Insider Report]

Not all trips go as planned, especially fishing in new territory. However, there is always something to learn from trips like these which I will...
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Catching A Ton Of Fish Without A Trolling Motor Or Push Pole [Insider Report]

In this report, I am fishing with Coach Wyatt Parcel in Port Isabel, Texas. We had a plan of doing two different game plans and...
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Top 3 Artificial Lure Mistakes That Cause Anglers To Get Skunked

These artificial lure mistakes are really common and cause anglers to get skunked, but the good news is that they're easily fixed if...
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Knowing When To Move [Insider Report]

Sometimes the difference between having a good trip and only catching a fish or two depends on knowing when to move. In this report, I...
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Saltwater Fishing Products We No Longer Buy (And Why)

What could be some fishing products we no longer buy but when we first started out we bought in bunches? In this episode, we discuss...
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Winter Creek Fishing In Big Bend [Fishing Report]

During the winter, you can find big fish holding in creeks and backwaters looking for warmer water. Winter creek fishing...
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Drift Fishing for Redfish & Trout in Early Spring [Insider Report]

Time for a road trip! This week I’m headed down to the southern tip of Texas to do a bit of fishing with fellow Salt...
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Z-Man Striper EyeZ Jighead Review

Have you been able to use the Z-Man Striper EyeZ Jighead? In this review of the Z-Man Striper EyeZ Jighead, we talk in-depth...
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When To Use A Ned Rig For Inshore Saltwater Fishing

How do you know when to use a Ned Rig? What is the best time to use this technique? For years, Ned Rigs have been a freshwater...
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You’ve Got To See This Massive Snook Steal THIS Lure!!

Have you seen a giant snook steal a lure like this? If you want to see on-the-water fun, then check out this massive snook steal this lure...
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The Weekend Game Plan Lesson [March 11th to 13th]

See the best strategy to finding the fish in the cold and windy weather that we have pushing through the southeast.
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Caloosahatchee River Spot Analysis Request [Spot Dissection – Cape Coral, FL]

In this week’s Finding Fish Lesson/Spot Analysis, we are taking a look at the mouth of the Caloosahatchee River, which has been requested by many...
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