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Happy Sunday, Salt Strong Nation!

We’ve got an awesome newsletter for you this week, with tips such as:

  • How to find trout & redfish spots (even in murky water)
  • An artificial crab lure review for catching sheepshead
  • Updates on whether or not Floridians can still fish during the stay-at-home order
  • And much more

Alright, let’s dive in!

P.S. Big shoutout to Ryan for the beautiful snook pictured above!

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Crab Lure For Sheepshead Review [Crusty Crab by Chasebaits]

Looking for a crab lure for sheepshead? Then watch this review video because it shows the top 3 pros AND cons of the Crusty Crab lure (plus how to use it).
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Murky Water Redfish and Trout Spot Analysis [Point Comfort, TX]

This Spot Dissection will be discussing some murky water types of areas for trout and redfish. I use an area near Point Comfort, TX as...
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How To Use Cut Bait To Catch Big Redfish (Even If They’re Being Picky)

If a school of redfish won't hit your lure, try cut bait. But if you don't want to catch a lot of sharks, stingrays, and catfish, make sure to...
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This Map Shows Which Boat Ramps Are Closed & Which Are Open

Want to know which Florida boat ramps are closed and which ones are opened? This site from the FWC can keep you updated on all boat ramp status.
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How To Catch Lots Of Fish (Without A Trolling Motor Or Power-Pole)

Want to catch more inshore fish, but don't have a trolling motor or Power-Pole? Watch this video where we went out on a boat without these and caught...
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Cut Bait Tactics To Catch Quality Fish [Map Analysis + On-The-Water Footage]

On this trip I decided to target redfish using cut bait. I will be discussing the tactics I used to get a bite shortly after...
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Smart Fishing Game Plan For The Weekend [April 3rd-5th]

This video shows a game plan that you can use to catch some great fish this coming weekend based on the recent trends and the...
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Can You Go Fishing In Florida During The Stay-At-Home Order?

Wondering if you can still fish during the stay-at-home order? We took a look at the details of this order and here's what we found...
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How This Angler Is Outfishing Everyone In A Pontoon Boat!

Worried you don't have the best boat or equipment to go fishing? See how this angler is catching slams almost every day even in his pontoon boat.
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How To Get GPS Coordinates From Online Maps With Just One Click

Want to get GPS coordinates for a spot you found on online maps, like Google or Bing? It's easy — learn how to quickly do it in this video.
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How These Farm-Raised Shrimp Are Catching Crazy Amounts Of Fish!

Have you ever gone to the bait shop and they were out of shrimp? Here's some good news: these farm-raised shrimp are catching loads of fish and they're...
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Inner Circle Live Video Lesson, Q&A, And Related Links [4-2-20]

We had another fun Inner Circle call in which we revealed the latest tactics and strategies that have been working for redfish, trout, and snook!...
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Strong Angler Of The Week: Scott Moore

Check out this awesome story of Scott and his wife getting on some massive redfish. You'll see how he caught these big reds, the importance of having a...
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