How To Use Cut Bait To Catch Big Redfish (Even If They’re Being Picky)


What do you do when you see a school of redfish that just don’t want to bite?

Do you keep trying and tossing your confidence lure at them?

Do you change lures?

Do you give up and move on?

I was in the same situation recently where a school of reds was being very picky.

Thankfully, some cut bait was able to entice them to bite, but this method could also bring a lot of unwanted bycatch to the boat, like sharks, stingrays, and catfish.

In this video, you’ll learn:

  • Why fish can be picky (but how to get them to bite anyway)
  • How to avoid catching sharks, stingrays, and catfish with cut bait
  • The equipment I was using to catch these redfish

If you want to catch more redfish on cut bait, watch the video below.

How To Use Cut Bait To Catch Big Redfish [VIDEO]

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Now that the weather is nice, there are more people out on the water.

Of course, this means the fish are under a lot more pressure and may be more finicky.

And the water in many areas is clear, which also adds to their pickiness.

So to get them to eat, tossing out a chunk of cut mullet, ladyfish or pinfish will usually work.

But here’s the key to not catching lots of sharks, catfish, or stingrays: make sure that redfish are there.

Usually, they’ll give away their location by tailing or busting bait on the surface, but if you see a lot of mullet jumping, chances are there are gamefish nearby.

Equipment To Catch Redfish On Cut Bait

Here’s what I was using to catch these reds:

  • 7′ 6″ medium action rod
  • 3000 series spinning reel
  • 10 lb braid
  • 20 lb flouorocarbon leader
  • 4/0 circle hook

In this video, I was free lining cut mullet on the circle hook.

To see which products we recommend, check out all of our product reviews here.


how to catch redfish on cut bait

Whether redfish are spooky because people are fishing them heavily or because the water is clear, tossing a piece of cut bait near them will usually convince them to bite.

Just make sure that redfish are in the area, otherwise, you might end up with some unwanted bycatch.

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Have any questions about using cut bait for redfish? Let me know in the comments below!

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Robert Schachel
2 years ago

I told a Freind of mine about your Amazing Bank of Knowledge accessible in second’s on your Web Site the other day and after checking you out, He signed up immediately. And video’s like this are the reason why. I’m heading out the Aucilla River in Perry FL in the AM and wanted an alternative to my norm in case they are picky and Bham. Here you are . I was specifically looking for a recommended Hook size and Bham… Ask and ye shall Receive. I really appreciate all of you Guy’s Tony and can’t emphasize how valuable an Investment the Insider club has been for me up in the Real Big Bend, St Mark’s Aucilla River area. Thank’s and Tight Lines.

4 years ago

I have had good luck with blue crab for cut bait. Depending on the size I pop the crown and claws off then halving or quartering them. Problem is the smaller reds won’t touch it but neither will cats and Ray’s. As with anything else fishing is a catch 22. With a one fish limit who wants to keep a small red…but it’s better than nothing!

Raleigh Thomas
4 years ago

Great video Tony! Another suggestion for cut bait is using Jack Cravelle, or Bonito for chunks or strips. Both are very oily and put out a lot of scent. The downside is that they are both prime shark bait, so tossing them in the middle of or ahead of a school of mullet, or ahead of a known school of Reds is a huge factor. Tight lines!

4 years ago

Tony, Several great ideas. Thank you, Tom Watts, Naples, Fl.

James Tarver
4 years ago

I have found cut Ladyfish and cut Bluefish to be just as good as mullet. I see many people releasing the Ladyfish as an unwanted species not knowing how good of a cut bait it is. Use the cut bait in the surf and you’ll be really surprised at the results. Fish in the whitewater of the breakers in the Texas surf.

4 years ago

Good report

Thomas Marks
4 years ago

Thanks Tony, good tips.

Barry Henderson
4 years ago

Like to be shown the right way to cut a pin fish or mullet for cut bait

Raleigh Thomas
4 years ago

Hi Barry,
There is really no ‘wrong’ way, but most of the time most anglers will ‘steak’ cut chunks of bait, that is with the fish flat on a cutting board, cut all the way thru from side to side, oriented back to belly. A good size is roughly 3/4” to an inch wide. On larger mullet or ladyfish, you could fillet a side, and cut strips top to bottom, back to belly, same 3/4 to 1” wide. Put the hook thru the thicker back part, but don’t hook too deeply filling the bend of the hook with bait. Leave enough hook point exposed to give a good hookset, or rip out of the bait and catch the corner of the mouth using a circle hook. Good luck!

Michael Connelly
4 years ago

Good video…. I would have enjoyed a catfish today …. ????

Joe Sheaffer Sheaffer
4 years ago

Great report Tony


Do what the “SMART ANGLERS” are doing and join the Insider Club.

Here’s what you’ll receive today when you join:

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