Can You Go Fishing In Florida During The Stay-At-Home Order?


A lot of people are wondering if you can fish during a stay-at-home order or not…

I took a look at the official order and found the answer.

Check out the video below to see:

  • What you can do
  • What you can’t do (please don’t mess this up for the rest of us!)
  • How to tell if your local boat ramp is open

To see if you can still go fishing, watch the video below.

Is Fishing Allowed During The Stay-At-Home Order? [VIDEO]

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Fishing is allowed as long as we’re “consistent with social distancing guidelines.”

So it’s ok to go fishing by yourself, or with your family, but avoid groups of people.

You can read the document here, and check out a screenshot from it below.

fishing during stay at home order

It’s also important to note that individual counties have the option to close their boat ramps, so if you want to know which boat ramps are open, check out this article about Florida boat ramp status.

Have any questions about fishing during these crazy times?

Let us know in the comments below!

Stay safe!

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Chuck Phillippi
3 years ago

Whew, at least we can still fish. Thanks Tony for getting it straight from the “horse’s mouth” . Not sure if all the bait shops are open, but you still can get frozen shrimp at Walmart and like for 5 bucks 80 pieces in meat dept. What you don’t fish with, you can eat

3 years ago

Do you have to have a license still or did they stop that temporary?

Andrew Williams
3 years ago

Thanks Tony! Good info! Except I am stuck in NY now..missing FL.

3 years ago

how about can bait shops be open ?

3 years ago
Reply to  Tony Acevedo

I own a shop in Lee county and he is wrong. We are not in list and bait is not lisenced as food. If a shop has a food lisence then they would be more likely to be open


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