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Using Smart Fishing Spots To Catch Redfish & Flounder

You've got to see how I'm using Smart Fishing Spots to catch redfish, flounder, and more!!! By now, you've probably heard of Smart Fishing...
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Bottom Trawling On One Of The Best Grouper Spawning Reefs Of All Time???

Are you aware of the situation surrounding bottom trawling grouper spawning reefs off the east coast of Florida? For the past 50 years...
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New Tool Accurately Predicts Where To Find Redfish & Trout Everyday!

Smart Fishing Spots now has a tool that predicts where to find fish!!! It's all about finding where the feeding fish are. The one question...
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Why Aren’t Redfish In Your Area? [Understanding Habitat & Forage]

Hey Insiders! There can be many areas within a region that are awesome places to find reds, but there are also complete dead zones not...
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Finding Fish In Creeks Near Inlets During Summer [Spot Dissection]

In this fish finding lesson we will talk about finding fish around creek mouths near an inlet. We will look at a spot that might...
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Fishing Artificial Lures AND Live Bait At The Same Time [Fishing Report]

Do you know the secrets of fishing with lures and live bait simultaneously?!?! Can it even be done? Find out more in this video!!...
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How We Caught TWO Inshore Slams Using ONE Lure [Matt-In-A-Boat Report]

I'm in a boat for this trip catching inshore slams using ONE lure! Last week, I went out on a fishing trip with my buddy, also named Matt...
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