Fishing Artificial Lures AND Live Bait At The Same Time [Fishing Report]


Do you know the secrets of fishing with lures and live bait simultaneously?!?!

Can it even be done?

Find out more in this video!!

Fishing Lures AND Live Bait At The Same Time [VIDEO]

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On this particular trip, we found a perfectly placed grass flat in line with the incoming tide which is a sure-fire way of finding some hungry fish.

It is always favorable for you to find some structure along the shoreline, such as oyster bars or seagrass.

The fish were pushed up to the grass line, and as the water began moving in, we started moving closer towards them.

I started out throwing the smaller 3.5-inch Gold Digger Paddletail and I was able to pluck off some small redfish and a decent flounder which was a pleasant surprise.

Shortly thereafter, I bumped up to the 5-inch Gold Digger BOMBER and continued to crush small redfish.

The reason for changing my lure size was the abundance of mullet in the area and the fact that with bigger bait I can target bigger fish.

Also, I had been fishing in murky water which is the ideal time for fishing the Gold Digger BOMBER.

As we made our drift, we set a rod out of the back of the boat with a finger mullet on a popping cork rig.

We had luck on the back of the boat catching small redfish on finger mullet AND we had success fishing soft plastic paddletails from the front of the boat.

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Fishing artificial lures AND live bait at the same time is challenging but can be a great way to see what the fish are biting and what they prefer that given day.

Be sure to stay patient and make sure both fishing techniques are working properly.

Always take note of the bait in the water and that will tell you how you should approach fishing that day.

Do you have any questions about fishing with artificial lures and live bait?

Let me know what you think in the comments!

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Eric Miller
1 year ago

I do this all the time with trailing the back rod and it even beats the rod I’m holding somedays. I just picked up a liveliner 2500 to help me be more aware when something takes my cork. My question is what action rod would you recommend for this? Could be anything from a small trout to a big red that takes it

Thomas Hall
1 year ago

Great report and lessons Richard! I have been away from the coast for a few weeks and am getting anxious to return and apply your tactics.

Salt Strong! Thomas

Pablo Diaz
1 year ago

Nice video and report Richard!!! NIce catch


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