Weekly Newsletter: 9-22-19

best fishing tips of the week

It’s newsletter time!

Tomorrow is the first day of fall!

Can you believe it?

As humans move into our fall trends (pumpkin beer and football), expect fish to do the same.

This means you should look for big redfish in the passes and inlets, use lures with larger profiles, and target fish around flats, points, and docks as they move towards their winter homes.

Fishing can be extremely good during the fall for the anglers who get dialed into the feeding trends, so be sure to keep an eye on our articles and videos as we share real-time info on what is happening.

This week we have some excellent tips, including shore-fishing tips, topwater tips, new spots, and more!

Also, huge shoutout to Zachary Buendia (pictured above) for taking his buddy out and showing him a good time with 13 redfish landed one morning before work.

Onto the newsletter now.


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How To Target Snook & Tarpon In Backcountry Creeks [Mini-Course]

This mini-course shows a great strategy for catching tarpon and snook after periods lots of rainfall that is often overlooked by most anglers.
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Topwater Feeding Frenzy on an Exploration Trip via Bike [Trends and Tactics + Spot Analysis]

On this trip I decided to leave the kayak at home and take the bike down some trails to fish from shore. It started out...
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How To Consistently Catch Redfish, Snook, & Seatrout [Inshore Manifesto]

Discover the 3 core tips on how to catch redfish, snook, and gator trout than you ever have before without even needing live bait [Free PDF Ebook Included]
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Smart Fishing Spots: A Shortcut To Finding New Inshore Honey Holes

Have you seen these new "Smart Fishing Spots?" Much more than just "finding a spot." You need to consider the tide, season, wind, and more... (VIDEO)
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Storing Z-Man Lures (So They Don’t Melt)

Do you use Z-Man lures? Have you lost a few to them melting? Watch this video for a quick tip to keep that from happening.
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Spot Dissection: Top 2 Types of Areas to Look For to Avoid Getting Skunked [Texas Example]

This Spot Dissection will be discussing the top 2 types of areas I like to include in my pre-planning to help avoid getting skunked on...
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The Best Way To Retrieve A Topwater Lure [VIDEO]

Do you use topwater lures? Is it better to fish them quickly or slowly? Check out this post for the answer, plus an extra bonus tip to catch bigger fish.
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Strong Angler of the Week: Joe Sheaffer

This Strong Angler of the Week catches an inshore slam almost everytime he goes out! Now, he's helping his wife do the same!
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The Redfish Assassin: Redfish Tournaments, Favorite Lures & More!

Do you fish redfish tournaments? In this podcast, the Redfish Assassin shares tons of his secrets, including his favorite types of spots, lures, and...
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Brand New Fishing Technology (New Spots Fast)!!!

If you want to see some really cool new technology that is taking the "guesswork" out of finding new inshore fishing spots, you've got to see this!
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