13 Fishing Omen Black Baitcasting Rod Review (Top Pros & Cons)


It’s rod review time!

I’ve been getting back into baitcasters recently and I wanted to share with you the rod I’ve been using.

It’s the Omen Black from 13 Fishing and I’ve really enjoyed it.

In this video, I’m breaking the specs and top pros and cons of it.

Check it out below!

13 Fishing Omen Black Rod Review [VIDEO]

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Here are the specs, pros, and cons of this rod:


  • 7′ long
  • Moderate action
  • 8 – 17 lb. line capacity


  • Lightweight
  • It has a cork full grip


  • It’s a little flimsy (but that’s probably because I got the moderate action and I’ve been doing dock fishing with it)
  • There’s been some rust around the hook keeper (but I have been using it a lot for saltwater fishing)


quantum smoke s3 baitcaster review

So far, I’ve been really happy with this rod.

Of course, it’s not perfect, but a lot of the things I don’t like about it are due to me choosing the wrong type of rod for the type of fishing I’ve been doing, and using it heavily.

Have any questions about this rod?

Or have any other rods I should try out? (Preferably stronger rods in the 10-30 lb range.)

Let me know down in the comments!

And if you know someone who’s looking to get a new baitcasting rod, please TAG or SHARE this with them!

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Steve Cascaddan (Capt Cas)
2 years ago

Great Feed Back!
I got one of your Fuego 2500 and put it on a KastKing (2) tips MH/M 7′, I’ll wait for your Bull Rods to come in!
Thanks Again!

Wes Kern
2 years ago

Still learning about reels and noticed you chose the Fuego 3000 over the 2500 only difference being the deeper spool for extra line with slightly more weight and a mid range retrieve per turn as compared to the two available 2500 options. Can you explain your decision?
Thanks very much!
Wes Kern

Kenneth Dulle
2 years ago

Are you going to try out the Toadfish multi travel rod? ken d

Mike kasinger
2 years ago

I have the 13 Black spinning rod 7’6 medium fast with a Vanford 3000 and love it fish all day and never feel like you have anything in your had.

Bill Woodhouse
2 years ago

It would be great if you guys could prepare a chart outlining 1.The differences in the terminology in each category of the non-obvious charateristics, and 2. Your recommendations for a set of characteristics appropriate for various types of inshore fishing. Thanks!

James Woodmansee
2 years ago

Thanks for that nice review Luke. Based on your earlier posts using the Quantum Smoke S3 baitcasting reel and your new Prawn lures I decided to try to learn how to fish docks better. Bought the Smoke S3 from Salt Strong and did some research on baitcasting docks and found that skipping docks is a big thing. So YouTubing “skipping docks” led me to the Daiwa Tatula Elite Signature Series model TAEL691HFB “Skippin Jig” rod that is now mated to my new S3. It is 6’9″, Heavy, Fast, 16-30lb line, and 1/4 to 1 1/2oz lure. Here’s a link to a review Daiwa Tatula Elite Skippin’ Jig Rod Review – Wired2Fish.com that I liked. I want to skip docks and under Mangrove branches and roots because by the time your lure actually stops skipping it lands much lighter than if you had simply casted to that spot. Less spooking fish with loud plops. It would be great if you could do a review on this combo (and share tips on how to fish it).

Lyle Crafton
2 years ago

I love casting and do some skipping; however, it’s very challenging as anything that slows down the line spooling off the reel will contribute to a birds’ nest. I hate to say it but IMO spinning is more controllable for skipping without the headaches. A variation I do when casting is a low rod tip down cast and feather the spool at the end for a softer landing usually works pretty good, but can’t get as far back as skipping.

Tripp Watters
2 years ago

Do you think the mod action gives it more cast-ability? Just wondering if going to the fast action you might lose some of that casting feel with lighter jigs. I haven’t used bait caster much lately either, in the old days, we’d just go grab a med-heavy rod that felt good and that’s what we used. I know we also started going to 8 and 8’6” rods at times.

Thomas Campbell
2 years ago

Hey Luke, I know you are a huge spinning fan, and I know this is a rod review. However. I have also been concerned with casting distance on casting reels, bc I mainly throw 1/4oz or less. However. shimano and daiwa make reels designed to throw smaller baits. I just got the shimano curado 70 mgl. I haven’t even fined tuned it yet, but it will cast my 1/4 oz jig and 3” minnow z just about as far as my spinning setups. With 15lb power pro. I have my drag, just tight enough to set the hook, so the line doesn’t dig, and use my thumb. Have already caught a over slot red on it no problem. Maybe check out the curado 70 or something similar and see how you like it man. Tight lines bro

Gregory Thebeau
2 years ago

Luke, for docks and grass (fresh water), for casting I use (frequently) a Kastking Perigee II 7ft Med Heavy rod with a Abu Garcia REVO4 HS SX (7.3:1 retrieve). Great casting control, pulling power and sensitivity. Take a look. None of this set up is expensive.

Last edited 2 years ago by Gregory Thebeau
Sam Craparo
2 years ago

Purchased a shimano simatar spinning rod as a spare for friends without tackle. Maybe the best rod value purchase I have made. Prefer over rods I have spent two to three times the price, at under $40.00. Butt section a little long but hasn’t been a problem. Noticed they have 7 foot casting model in medium and medium heavy. For us Senior Citizens on a fixed income it nice to have quality choices and a price that fits our budget.


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