Ancient Remains Of 20ft Mega Shark Found In Texas

By: Joseph Simonds on June 8, 2015
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20 ft mega shark found in texas

Let me just go ahead and get the punchline out there before we get to this amazing shark discovery…

“Yes, everything is BIGGER in Texas…”

I know because I lived in Texas for 4 years (Austin and Houston), and it is a very proud state indeed…

But little did the Texans know that they were sitting on one of the oldest and largest “Mega Shark” fossils in the country, if not the world.

And in case anyone is confused, the shark picture above is NOT real, nor is it the actual shark fossils that the researcher’s found in Texas.

But here is the real scoop on the discovery of this gigantic and prehistoric shark in Texas (you are also more than welcome to read the full scientific report by Joseph A. Frederickson , Scott N. Schaefer, and Janessa A. Doucette-Frederickson here)

20ft mega shark found in texas

Image Source: Joseph Frederickson

Even though the official discovery announcement was just documented and released in the past few days, Janessa A. Doucette-Frederickson tripped over what she thought was a rock while exploring a dig in the Duck Creek Formation of Texas back in 2009.

After taking her then boyfriend (now husband) Joseph Frederickson to the site, they believed that she might have stumbled upon some rare fossils.

Years later, after much digging, cleaning, and studying, it has been determined that it was a 20-21 ft “Gigantic Shark”. Sadly, there were no teeth to find, as that is the only way to truly determine the exact species of shark.

Which will only leave us wondering…

Did 20ft+ Mega Sharks roam the ocean in groups where America is today?

So far, there has only been one other finding of a “Gigantic Shark” like this, and it was in Kansas. But pretty wild stuff to consider, and pretty amazing find.

Here are some more pics of the excavation in Texas. To read more, check out their full research findings here.

20ft mega shark found in texas

Part of the 20ft shark vertebrae. Image Source Joseph Frederickson

20ft mega shark found in texas

More shark fossils on site in Texas. Image Source: Joseph Frederickson

20ft mega shark found in texas

The MEGA Shark Size Comparison. Image Source:


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