Why You Become What You Tolerate…


Did you know that you become what you tolerate in life?

Same goes for your family, church, community, and more.

Listen in as I share some powerful stories about how turning a blind eye towards small things can lead to a life you don’t want.

Enjoy this episode and let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Why You Become What You Tolerate… [PODCAST]


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Bob Ed Patton
2 months ago

Thank you Joe. Salt Strong has a wonderful product. My son, who is 13, and I watch and learn from y’all everyday. I appreciate the format and all you offer. The one thing that caused me to become a member is what you put in your back story about being a Christian company. It is so hard to find educational fishing videos on YouTube or elsewhere that do not tolerate the cussing and bashing. It is such a gift to be able to play something for my son and be able to walk out of the room having full confidence that he will only be exposed to the good that is still out there. You are right. We do get what we tolerate. We also get what what we acknowledge and then appreciate. I appreciate you and what Salt Strong provides for us. You’re company has blessed my family and we’ve become better anglers at the same time.
Thank you Brother,
Bob Ed Patton

Dan Hutchson
3 months ago

I just recently joined Salt strong. Why? For one, I was seeking a pleasant distraction from an environment of political rants and ravings. I’m not trying to put any one down here, I’m trying to politely make a point. Are we going to fish or what?


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