How To Rig The Berkley Gulp Swimming Mullet (For More Strikes)

By: Luke Simonds on December 20, 2018
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berkley gulp swimming mullet rig

It’s Swimming Mullet Time!

Back in October, we posted an in-depth review (plus some really cool underwater footage) of the Berkley Gulp Swimming Mullet (see it here).

But one thing we forgot to include was how to actually rig the lure on a jighead (which is pretty critical considering an unnatural swimming bait will eliminate all strikes).

So in this video, we wanted to show you the best way we’ve found to rig this for a more natural presentation (aka more strikes).

Note: this is the 4-inch Gulp swimming mullet (see best prices to buy here) and it’s paired with a 1/4oz DOA Cal jighead (see best prices to buy here)


Gulp Swimming Mullet (RIGGING VIDEO)

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Tim Javor
Tim Javor

Good video, however; you can improve on the rig by using a “tiny” dab of gel type crazy glue on the area of the jig where it meets the head of the bait. Place a dab then press the fit together until dry (only a moment or so). Make sure the contact areas are dry before applying the glue. I’ve also found that I get better hook ups if I use the horizontal configuration instead of the vertical which you advocate by bringing the hook out side (either) instead of the top or bottom of the bait. Everything else about the arrangement is the same. This approach has the added benefit of being able to use all four sides of the bait instead of just the two when the bait begins to tear at the hook. Further, more of the hook will be made available on the hook up when using the side arrangement because less of the hook will be buried in the bait. Hope this helps.

Dave Frymier

A great attractor that gets a lot of strikes, but I’ve completely given up on these things because the tail gets nipped off so quickly. It’s a problem for all the sickle tails, but the Gulp is the worst. All I carry now are paddletails.

Robert Tittl

rigging in your video is shown with the tail in an up position. with these and ripple mullet, ripple shad, paddletails, etc.; i have always rigged them with the tails pointing down. your preferences, advantages and disadvantages of both?

Michael Danek

A friend of mine insists that grubs work better tail down.

MICHAEL Drozdowski

Luke, what kind of retrieve would you use on that?

Butch Mekler

You can buy jig heads a lot cheaper at Walmart. Approx $4 -$5.00

Robert Phillips

My only complaint is that the tails are bitten off by small fish. I wish that they were tougher.

robert tittl
robert tittl

zman elaztech scented baitz are pretty tough, tho i doubt the amount of scent released is nearly as good as gulp.

Tom Paige

What brand and type of jig head do u use in this video? Have u ever used the gulp jig heads, the darter or the bait delivery system(bds)? Thanks videos are always helpful

Joe Simonds

DOA Cal Jigheads (I put a link right above the video). Tight lines!