How To Find The Best Redfish Spots [LIVE Webinar Replay]


Do you wish you had more redfish honey holes?

Here’s the deal…

Last week Luke and I did a LIVE webinar where we talked about new technology to go find redfish spots (and trout, flounder and snook spots).

We also covered:

  • The 90-10 rule (this helps you quickly find the feeding zones)
  • How having a fishing network can help you catch more fish
  • And some underground tips we’ve been using to find and catch more fish

We had a lot of people join us for the live training and Q&A, but we also had lots of people asking for the replay.

Wish granted!

You can watch the replay of the webinar below to learn how to use new technology to find the best redfish spots.

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How To Find The Best Redfish Spots [VIDEO]

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best redfish spots and baits

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John Politis
1 year ago

Hey guys. Just moved to Tampa. Had a good spring on reds and snook and a great summer on large snook. I have recently been targeting reds again with the season change. I have had bad luck and I was wondering if you could offer some advice for catching more big reds on the flats.

Ben Manfredi
1 year ago

Are you just using Google Earth for these digital maps?

1 year ago
Reply to  Ben Manfredi

We were using just the basic Google Maps system for this lesson… the Google Earth app has some really cool benefits, but it takes up a lot of a computer system to run it so we generally don’t use it when streaming videos like this.


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