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  • How to choose jig head colors
  • A story about a man who’s mentored and fished with over 1,500 fatherless boys and foster children
  • And much more!

We’ve also got some conservation tips and a big thank you to our new Insider members this month.

Finally, huge shoutout to Insider member, Joe, for that massive Chesapeake Bay redfish pictured above!

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This Current Trend Has Been Producing Quality Fish [New Insider Report]

In this report we will be discussing a very productive trend that has been producing solid fish over the past few weeks. Quick Details: Craft:...
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Spot Dissection: Fishing Creeks That Feed Into Large Rivers Or Bays (Palm Bay, FL)

Do you fish creeks or rivers that empty into larger rivers or bays? Then you need to see this spot dissection. We'll show you the best types of spots and...
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Best Spots To Catch Fish From A Jetty (And Where NOT To Fish)

Want to catch more fish from a jetty? This video will show you the best spots to fish from a jetty, based on tide, current, and bait, so you can catch...
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Spot Dissection: Using Trees to Find Fish Based on the Time of Year [Ossabaw Island, GA]

In this Spot Dissection, we will be discussing how to use trees to your advantage depending on the time of year. This area was requested...
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Jig Head Colors: Which Color Is Best? Find Out In This Video

Ever wondered what the best color for jig heads is? It can certainly be overwhelming, but in this video we'll break down when we use each color and why.
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Custom Fishing Rods: Mistakes, Tips, Shortcuts & More

Ever thought about making your own custom fishing rod? Or purchasing a custom rod? Learn everything you need to know about custom rods in this podcast.
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How (And When) To Use A Swivel With A Weedless Spoon

Have you ever wondered when you should use a swivel with a weedless spoon? Or how to rig them together? Check out this video to see the answers.
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How To Find The Best Redfish Spots [LIVE Webinar Replay]

Want to find the best redfish spots? There's new technology that can help you do that, even if you don't fish that often. Click here to learn how.
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AMAZING Snook Catch (While Sightfishing From The Top Of A Bridge)!

The Balcony Snooker is back! You've got to see this amazing sightfishing catch from a bridge (then what happens on the very next cast)!
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Strong Anglers Of The Week: Michael & Alex Krenn

This was an epic fishing trip with three generations fishing together and and catching a super duper slam! This is what being Salt Strong is all about.
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Catching Fish, Changing Lives (Take A Kid Fishing)

This guy is making such an impact in his community! Meet Will Dunn, the man who's taken over 1,500 fatherless or foster kids fishing.
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