Catching Fish, Changing Lives (Take A Kid Fishing)


Do you ever feel like God is giving you a sign that you should change?

Maybe it’s spelled out in your cereal, or things just don’t seem to be going right in one particular area of your life…

Well today’s guest, Will Dunn, had some pretty clear signs he needed to make a change.

In one year he was struck by lightning, bitten by a rattlesnake and got shot by a 9 mm.

Talk about God telling you to switch things up!

And I’m sure glad Will did.

Today he’s running an organization called Take A Kid Fishing where he takes out fatherless kids, foster kids, and handicapped kids out fishing.

It started by Will taking his 7-year-old neighbor, whose dad wasn’t around, out fishing.

They started fishing on the weekends, then after work, and eventually Will wondered, “How many other kids out there need someone to take them fishing?”

That blossomed into Take A Kid Fishing and now they’ve mentored over 1,500 boys, gone on 200+ fishing trips, and caught over 5,000 fish.

Talk about making an impact!

In this episode, Will shares his story and the story of Take A Kid Fishing, as well as the importance of helping out in your local community.

Will is so inspiring and I know you’re going to love this episode.

You can listen to it by clicking the play button below, or on iTunes, Stitcher, or Spotify.


P.S. We talk a lot about the L.L. Bean video, which you can see below the podcast a little farther down in this article.

Catching Fish, Changing Lives [PODCAST]

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To see the L.L. Bean video showcasing Will and two of the boys he works with, watch the video below.

Catching Fish, Changing Lives by L.L. Bean [VIDEO]

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What an awesome video!


take a kid fishing

Yes, Will has helped over 1,500 boys, but you know how he got started?

He started by taking his seven-year-old neighbor out fishing one time.

If you want to help out your community, remember that it starts with one.

There are thousands of kids who need your help right in your own backyard and I hope Will’s story inspires you to take action.

If you want to donate, volunteer, or share the mission of Take A Kid Fishing, you can do so at the links below:

Also, shoutout to Capt. Michael Fields from The Scaled Sardine Fishing Company, who Will has mentioned helps him take kids out on his boat.

Finally, if you have any comments or questions about Will and the Take A Kid Fishing mission, let us know down in the comments!

P.S. Please share this episode so more people can hear about, donate to, or be inspired by Take A Kid Fishing

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