How (And When) To Use A Swivel With A Weedless Spoon


Should you use a swivel when fishing with a weedless spoon?

Normally, a spoon should be fluttering through the water, not spinning, so a swivel should not be needed.

However, if you’re retrieving too fast, or the current is very strong, then your spoon may start spinning, thus spinning your line, and increasing the chance you’ll get knots and tangles.

Of course, if you’re retrieving your lure too fast, you can just slow your retrieve down.

But if the current is too strong, there’s not much you can do about that, so you may want to consider using a swivel.

So now the question is: where do you put the swivel?

Do you do what most people do and put the swivel between your mainline and leader?

That causes extra snag opportunities for grass and other floating debris…

But there’s another option.

Want to see what that option is?

Watch the video below to see where you should put your swivel if you want to snag less grass (plus some other bonus tips).


Using Swivels With Gold Spoons [VIDEO]

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Is that where you put your swivel when using spoons?

Do you have any other recommendations for using swivels with spoons?

Let us know down in the comments.

And if you want a tool that can help you pry that tiny split ring open, grab a pair of our split ring scissors (Insiders only).


Most people put the swivel between mainline and leader, but the extra knots and swivel can make it more likely this rig will snag grass.

As you’re reeling your spoon in, often the fish will see the grass first, and be uninterested in your spoon.

If you attach the swivel directly to the spoon, you can decrease your chances of snagging grass on the retrieve, plus it makes it easy to switch lures if you don’t want to use a swivel with your next lure.

Have any questions about using swivels with spoons?

Let us know in the comments below!

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Adam Bailey
1 year ago

I like using small ball-bearing swivels to directly connect to my spoons like Tony showed, instead of a barrel swivel. I feel like that because the ball-bearing swivel rotates more easily, I’m less likely to twist my line. I always rinse the swivel well after use, and when it’s dry, I add a drop of reel oil to the swivel. That has helped keep my swivels turning smoothly and last longer.

Steven Free
1 year ago

Great tip Tony yea I put my swivels on the same way never between the braid and leader but directly on the spoons front line tie thanks for the vid????

Michael Palmieri
1 year ago

Great discussion Tony,
I usually use a snap swivel. It allows me to change out hard baits, spoons, and top water quickly.


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