Can You Fish Bridges In The Middle Of The Day In Summer? (Q&A)


It’s bridge fishing time!

During the hot summer months, fishing is typically most productive in the early morning or late evening.

But fishing around bridges during the summer can be productive all day long.

In this video, you’ll learn why bridges are great for fishing in the summer and what you need to factor in so that you can be successful.

Check it out below!

Best Time To Bridge Fish During Summer [VIDEO]

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An Insider Club member asked a great question about the best time of day to bridge fish in the summer.

He mentioned that on the weekends it’s almost impossible for him to make it out to fish around bridges early in the morning.

So, the question is: are the bridge dwellers still biting in the heat of the day?

The answer is yes!

But you have to pay attention to the current.

You’ll need moving water around the bridge because it gives predator fish more baitfish funneling straight to them.

Both the incoming and outgoing tides during the summer will produce fish, but I’ve found that the incoming tide during the day and the outgoing tide at night is more productive.

Also, fish will move into the deeper water around bridges during the heat of the day.

You should fish around the shallower flats during the twilight hours and in the deeper water around the bridge in the middle of the day.


best time of day to bridge fish

Sometimes getting out to fish at the most ideal times is just not possible.

But when you are bridge fishing in the summertime, that’s okay because the fish are biting even in the heat of the day.

You just have to fish the tides at the right time and make sure there’s current flow.

Do you have other tactics to fish around bridges during the summer?

Let me know down in the comments.

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