Bridge Fishing Secrets (How To Chum Up Fish Right To Your Boat)


Want to see how the pros catch endless fish around bridges?

Then come join us on this LIVE fishing trip!

We went out with Capt. Mark “Hollywood” Johnson and just let the camera roll as we fished, talked shop, and had accidental run-ins with dangerous marine species.

Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll learn:

  • How to use chum to catch endless amounts of snapper, grouper, and jack crevalle
  • The best rigs for bridge fishing
  • The best tides to fish bridges (and what to AVOID)
  • How to choose the best spot to fish along a bridge
  • And much more

If you want a super-easy way to catch a bunch of fish for the entire family, then you definitely want to see this.

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Bridge Fishing Secrets [VIDEO]

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Bridge Fishing Secrets [PODCAST]

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Here’s a timestamped table of contents from our LIVE fishing trip with Capt. Hollywood:

0:34 – The answer to the question: How do I just go out and get tight lines with my friends and family in the Florida Keys?

1:02 – Where we were fishing on this day

3:38 – The misconception about fishing in the Keys

4:14 – The dangerous surprise visitors we found aboard the boat!

6:08 – How to chum up dozens of hungry fish to the boat

6:51 – How to find the best spots under bridges to fish

8:45 – What type of boat Capt. Hollywood prefers to fish from

10:31 – The best tides to fish bridges in the Keys (and what tide to avoid)

12:37 – The best bridge fishing rigs

13:56 – The different types of fishing you can do and different species you can catch around these bridges in each season

19:07 – What type of shrimp you need to catch fish under bridges

20:25 – Where to catch snook, redfish, and trout in the Keys


florida keys grouper

What a blast!

We caught tons of fish with Capt. Hollywood, including that nice grouper pictured above!

If you’re looking for an easy way to get a ton of tight lines in the Keys, you can’t beat putting out a chum block under a bridge.

We caught several different kinds of grouper and snapper and some jack crevalle.

Have any questions about bridge fishing in the Keys?

Let us know down in the comments!

And if you’re in the Keys and want to go out with Capt. Hollywood and his crew, you can find them at

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Kurt Weller
5 months ago

How about fishing bridges in Panama City Beach

David Lee Kalb Jr.
5 months ago

Soooo much fun fishing the Keys. I miss those days.

Tim Aiken
5 months ago

Its Funny to watch Capt Hollywood bait your hooks, looks like he really like to help teach Fishing, bet a charter with him would be great.

Andy Benedict
5 months ago

Ha! You guys crack up! Have to admit I couldn’t help think of the old “screw in a light bulb” joke except it was 4 fishing pros and a chum block😂. Way to haul’em in! Just a little jealous I think…as a landlocked insider!😩 Good info and QT for the cast/crew.

5 months ago

There are catchers and there are catcher processors. The catchers are generally smaller boats, and can’t keep too much fish in their holds. They move a lot, and have to be on the alert for big schools moving up. The government regulates when fishing is open and when it is not, depending on how many salmon are coming up the streams to lay eggs.

Anthony Gruber
5 months ago

Question about local boat ramps. I am planning a trip down to Lower Metecumbe Key. Can you suggest a boat ramp suitable to launch a 19 foot center console?

Glenn Acomb
5 months ago

Question about jigs. Is there a jig design that is less likely to hang up on pilings, rocks or oysters? I have tried jigs with a weed guard and don’t like them – they are a pain to rig a Gulp or shrimp. If I use a smaller hook size/gap I presume it may limit hang ups but will also reduce hookups.

Stu Young
5 months ago

Wish the Chum Dinger was available to members at the member discount!

Donny Sanchez
5 months ago

This is awesome guys ! Even though a little bit jelly.. I can watch you guys fish all day … TLs👍

Gaylord Randel
5 months ago

Great presentation guys, I bet I had as much fun watching you as you did catching. Thanks for the great tips, I have never tried the chum block thing here on the Texas coast but am looking forward to trying it with the grandkids on board.


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