Black Friday 2022: Salt Strong Tree Ornaments & More!!!


It’s Black Friday 2022!!!

We have SOOOOOO many Moonwalker lures in the shop that we frankly don’t have the space for them anymore.

So we thought with the holidays coming, these might be put to great use!

Take a look!!

Black Friday 2022 [VIDEO]

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➡ Get the Moonwalker Christmas Tree Ornament

➡ Check out the Jerk Shad Variety Pack

➡ Get the BOMBER Variety Pack

➡ Check out all of our Black Friday Offers HERE

NOTE: These are NOT meant to be used as lures. We’re making them available as Christmas ornaments, as they are from a defective batch and do not float correctly. However, you’re encouraged to remove the super-strong (and VERY sharp) hooks and fish with them!

These Moonwalkers are on sale at 80% OFF!!!

We want to get rid of these Moonwalkers and have as many of our Insider Members as possible have a tree looking like ours.

This offer lasts until the end of Cyber Monday (11/28) so get your orders in as soon as you can!!

Additionally, we left the super strong, and expensive single inline hooks on so that you can use and change out on any of your own lures.

But that’s not all!!!

You can also get FOUR packs of soft plastic jerk shads or BOMBERS for just $9.97.

Get your orders in while you can!!

Remember this order ends on Cyber Monday (11/28) just 3 days from now.

Do you have any questions about our Black Friday 2022 offers?

Please send us pictures of your Christmas trees all decorated in Moonwalkers!!!

➡ Get the Moonwalker Christmas Tree Ornament

➡ Check out the Jerk Shad Variety Pack

➡ Get the BOMBER Variety Pack

➡ Check out all of our Black Friday Offers HERE

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Neal Hagood
2 months ago

!! JOE !!
I’m Blinded by that outfit! Good God Man! ¿What has come over you? ¿Do we need an intervention?
I gasped and laughed so hard my ribs hurt! So much for casting distance, Thanks!

Rick Oglesby
2 months ago

Sounds fantastic. Count me in.

Pat Ogletree
2 months ago

Best deal in fishing right now!

John Cho
2 months ago

Mama, look what Odis dragged in…Close the sheets and turn off em lites; Diamonds r glowing ! Jim Carney in town ?
Since u all r in a giving mode, the $2 bucks After Thanksgiving promo…how about a freebbie w purchase; said one Moon for every $20 purchase before tax and shipping for Christmas…..
I plan to remove hooks and give them as key chains, boat chains (they FLOAT), wind knockers to keep the squirrel and the birds away, toys for cats, Target practice, casting plugs for beginners and kids; Madi Gras is coming, Throw me a Topwater Mister….
Now, Where can I order that outfit ? I will win that ugly sweater contest, hands down. Sunglasses not included.

patrick schill
2 months ago

This is awesome 💥 ordered !!!!

George Layton
2 months ago


Donny Mills
2 months ago

Put 4 of the Moonwalker and 2 of the Bomber Variety Pack in my cart but the Jerk Shad Variety Pack link is not working. Please let me know when the link is working so I can place my order before your sale out.

Luke Simonds
2 months ago
Reply to  Donny Mills
Mike Maixner
2 months ago

To get the jerk shad link, go to the bomber link then scroll to the bottom and there is another jerk shad link that works.

Guy Stephens
2 months ago
Reply to  Mike Maixner

Neither is working for me.

Luke Simonds
2 months ago
Reply to  Guy Stephens
Ray benson benson
2 months ago

Pleasehaenickcall me…9045998006

Simeon Cessna
2 months ago

Jerk shad links isn’t working still!

Luke Simonds
2 months ago
Reply to  Simeon Cessna


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