3 Tips To Avoid EXPLOSIONS While Fueling Your Boat

By: Joseph Simonds on January 22, 2019
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boat fueling tips

It’s boat fueling tip time!

And the best news is that we brought back Capt. Mark “Hollywood” Johnson of Florida Keys Fun Fishing to talk about it (see his last “How to rig a shrimp on a jighead like a Pro” video here).

You see, Capt. Mark has seen it all…

  • Boaters pumping gas into their rod holders…
  • Boaters smoking cigarettes or cigars while they pump…
  • And even a few explosions…

The great news is that by simply following a few simple safety measures, you can skyrocket your chances of never blowing up your boat (or filling up the inside of your boat with gas…)

And when in doubt, don’t be the knucklehead smoking next to the gas pumps…


Boat Fueling Tips

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Any questions about fueling your boat?

Do you have any other safety tips that you recommend?

Let us know in the comments below.

Also, if you’re ever down near Islamorada, give Capt. Mark a call here at Florida Keys Fun Fishing.

He and his crew are top-notch at putting people on a fish and creating amazing memories.

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