Boat Vs. Kayak: Pros, Cons, & Which Vessel Is Right For You


Are you a boat angler or a kayak angler?

If money were no object, would that choice change?

Listen in as our fishing coaches debate which vessel is better and why.

In this video, you’ll learn:

  • Pros and cons of a boat versus a kayak
  • Things to consider for both types of fishing vessels
  • The biggest advantage of a boat
  • Why a kayak is so special
  • And much more

If you’re debating whether a boat or a kayak is a better choice for you, then you’ll want to watch this!

Check it out below!

Boat Vs Kayak: Which One Is For You? [VIDEO]

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We reviewed a ton of information so here’s a timestamped table of contents:

  • 1:15 – What is the advantage of a kayak over a boat?
  • 1:54 – Time it takes to prep a kayak vs. a boat
  • 2:17 – Maintenance for a boat
  • 3:07 – Being stealthy on a kayak
  • 5:19 – Covering ground with a boat
  • 6:12 – The physical demands of kayak fishing
  • 7:24 – Get the kayak that’s meant for YOU
  • 8:09 – Weather plays a bigger role with a kayak
  • 8:50 – Tackle limitations
  • 9:46 – Power fishing in a boat
  • 11:24 – Trolling motor for a kayak vs. a boat
  • 12:56 – When to use your pedals on a kayak
  • 14:08 – Standing above the water has its advantages
  • 15:09 – Make sure you invest in a good pair of polarized sunglasses (Click here for our favorite sunglasses)
  • 15:48 – Do you know what to look for when you’re on a poling platform and what to avoid?
  • 17:11 – Fish with your eyes and your ears
  • 18:04 – The costs associated with a boat vs. a kayak
  • 21:24 – There is a price range that includes kayaks and boats
  • 23:43 – Final decision: Boat or kayak?
  • 26:50 – Make sure you have the storage space for what you buy


boat vs kayak

So if you’re deciding what kind of fishing machine you want, make sure that decision is based on what you want to target.

And consider your physical limitations, your budget, your storage options, and how stealthy you’ll need to be for the areas you want to fish.

What’s your choice: boat or kayak?

And why?

Let me know down in the comments!

And if you know someone who is trying to decide between boat and kayak fishing, please TAG or SHARE this with them!

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Michael Jenkins
1 year ago

I have both a kayak and a 20′ bay boat and I fish 90% from my kayak. Although I do have top line Old Town Autopilot kayak it makes fishing out of it so easy. I have to remind myself to occasionally run the boat to keep the batteries good.

Lyle Crafton
1 year ago

About 25 years ago before yak fishing became popular I rigged up a cut back canoe with a modified trolling motor. I took a foot pedal steered trolling motor and modified it. I cut the shaft down to about 20″ and made an alum. tilt bracket to mount it on the back like a little outboard. I took the foot pedal apart and made a side mounted tiller steer lever like an airboat to control the direction. The whole setup worked great. I could run forever on one large marine battery and cover miles. In the end I guess it was a little more than a yak but less than a Ghenoe. I used it for quite a few years before I got a boat.

Has anyone towed a yak behind their boat to get in the backcountry?

Robert Daigle
1 year ago

I have a PWC.. it’s the happy medium between the two. 🙂

Billy Ackerman
1 year ago

Great Topic. My budget was that I could get either a decent kayak or a used boat. The deciding factor for me was fishing with friends and family and I couldn’t do that with a single kayak. If I was flying solo I probably would have went kayak

robert lindsey
1 year ago

For those of us who are physically challenged( i am a 74 yold reipient of double lung tranplant) and I have a 136 old town powered by a minn-kota trolling motor which was essential for me to maximize my fishing experience given I live on a creek system and primarily estuary areas . The major con of course is weight(170) pounds which I solve by installing a kayak lift at my dock. As far as far distant fishing goes I also have 16 ft 6 in flats boat to get me to those locations. I am EXTREMELY pleased with this kayak!

1 year ago

Good points by both of the guys. At my age of 78, even though I am in excellent shape for my age and work out at my gym, the boat is my best choice. I own a shallow draft CarolinaSkiff 20 JVX.

Dana Endorf
1 year ago

I love my kayak. I had a 13 foot Boston Whaler, but I end up selling it because it broke down almost every trip out. Sometimes it was simple issues, but other times not. I’m a female and I fish alone, so I prefer the kayak because I know nothing is going to break down on me. Eventually I might get a small skiff, but I’m pretty addicted to my Hobie Outback. It’s the perfect size for me and I can get places a boat can’t go. Great video. Thanks, guys.

Joseph Carney
1 year ago

I loved fishing out of my kayak but a couple issues caused me to move to a flats skiff. 1) The summer heat. I am not smart enough or too stubborn to get out of the heat. I often found myself along was from my launch point when the mid-day sun was the hottest. One day off of Gandy I hooked up on a 27″ redfish once I got it to the kayak and in the bag I noticed I was overheating. I had to get shade quickly under a mangrove tree with a friendly racoon. We set side by side getting some shade. 2) The second issue is rust. I hauled my kayak in the bed of my truck. The salt water from the kayak rusted out my tailgate.

Franklin Faircloth
1 year ago

Thank you both for the info. I’m glad I have a Gheenoe (w/trolling motor) and a Kayak (but not a high end Kayak). I enjoy both the same for fishing but seem to do better with the Kayak.

Travis Rodkey
1 year ago

Ultra useful video! Could you please do an in-depth review of pros and cons of paddle vs pedal? Looks like some cons of pedal are cost, weight, and complexity; what about pros? Can you go faster/further with pedal? Is it less effort, or just leg effort vs upper body effort? Want to transport on SUV roof rack. Is that easier with paddle kayak? Not sure if fins would interfere. Pros of paddle seem like simplicity & depth with cons maybe fitness needs.

What about paddle + trolling motot? Also what about pros and cons of rigid kayak vs inflatable? There are lots of options. Current supply seems like a problem but expect will catch up later this year.



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