Cajun Inshore Spinning Rod Review [Top 3 Pros & Cons]

By: Luke Simonds on November 6, 2019
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cajun inshore fishing spinning rod review

It’s rod review time!

We’ve been getting a lot of requests for reviews of rods made in the USA, so here it is!

I recently went out and bought a Cajun rod with my own money so I could test it out and do an honest review of it.

I’ve used it a lot these past few months and caught a lot of good fish so that I could give an accurate review.

Want to see what I think?

Check out the video below!

P.S. Since we’re not affiliated with Cajun or any other company, you can be sure this is a completely unbiased review.

Cajun Spinning Rod Review [VIDEO]

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Cajun makes several rods, but the one I’ve been using is the Delta series (now called the ATLED series).

It’s a 7’3″ spinning rod with medium-heavy power and fast action, which is generally my favorite combo.

Now, onto the pros and cons.

Cajun Spinning Rod Pros

In the three months I’ve been using this rod, I’ve enjoyed it.

Here are a few of the things I like most about it:

  1. The overall feel is great. It’s lightweight, yet powerful enough for big fish.
  2. It has a nice flex, which allows you to sling lures far.
  3. It’s high quality. The guides and butt system are well made, and the cork is comfortable.

Cajun Spinning Rod Cons

Of course, no product is perfect.

Here are a few of the cons I’ve noticed:

  1. Price. This rod was a little over $200.
  2. The keeper is very close to the butt. I like the type of keeper, but since it’s so close to the butt, my lures rub right up against it when I use it.
  3. Availability. They’re tough to find in stores (I found this one at St. Pete Outfitters), but you can get them online.


cajun spinning rod snook

Overall, this is a solid rod that feels great and has enough power to handle the 41″ snook I caught with it pictured above.

If you want this rod, you can get it at their website below:

Again, we’re not affiliated with Cajun at all (I bought this rod with my own money) but we’ve been getting lots of requests for reviews of rods made in the USA, so here it is.

Have you used this rod?

Do you have any questions about it?

Let me know in the comments below!

And if you know someone who is in the market for a new rod, please TAG or SHARE this with them!

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John Whittemore

Purchased a Cajun Atled 7′ 3″ MH. Used it today for the first time and really like it. Much better on redfish than my GLoomis E6X Inshore 7′ 6″ M. But the first guide on the Canjun is too small. It restricts the casting distance. At some point I’ll get it replaced by a larger one. And the hook keeper is a joke but that is very minor. Otherwise love the rod.


Rod review Cajun I have used this brand in a light 7’ and have really liked this rod. Has handled easily my fish. Fast tip gives a great throw. Excellent flex . Agree a little high in price. My favorite rod.

Ken Thayer

Hey Luke. Thanks for this as well as all your reviews. How do you like the Cajun rod versus the G Loomis rod that you have mentioned in other rod reviews?

Sybren D Smith

Hi Luke, thank you for the breakdown of the Cajun. I always wonder what makes an expensive rod worthwhile.

Have you reviewed any Crowder rods yet? They are made locally in Stuart and they seem to be pretty popular along the east coast. I was wondering how they stack up to other US-made rods you have reviewed.

Dale Fluty

I have two Cajun rods with shimano stradic 3000:s and love the rods. Fast,very light,strong enough for all in shore fish and I can cast a mile and I have not heard of one being broke by a fish. Can’t say enough about these rods

Steven Carter

Thanks for the review! One thing that is hard to figure out is what someone gets for the extra $ between a $100-150, $150-200 and $200+ rod and whether that difference is distinguishable between the pricepoints. What does this rod have that a $150 rod doesn’t?

I appreciate your pro/con approach. It’s good to see balance in these reviews.


Lionel Sheikboudhou

I believe the difference In price is more distinguishable within a same brand. For example the difference is obvious when comparing a St Croix Mojo Inshore to an Avid Inshore.
When comparing different brands, it’s a different thing. For exemple, the TFO Luke usually recommends feels much better overall than the Mojo Inshore which is however a bit more expensive than the TFO.
Nevertheless, if you compare the Avid Inshore to the TFO (the difference in price is even higher), at one point you will feel that the more expensive rod is more sensitive (you feel better the bottom with ligh jigs) and feels better overall…
So to put it in a nutshell the more expensive (by a significant factor: 2 or 3 times) the better feeling but each fisherman have to determine the price point at which it feels good enough. A 100$ rod will feel better than a 50$ rod. Some people will be ok at 50$, others at 100$ or even 200$ or 300$.
My price point is 200$ (Avid Inshore quality is my personal standard).
So that I can choose any reel at less than 200$ (Daiwa Fuego ou Stradic FL for instance).
By the way, even if the FL is heavier than the Ci4+, it balances better with 7.6ft rods (equilibrium point is right below the handle of the reel) and is cheaper.

Lionel Sheikboudhou

And…I know my price point is 200$ because I tried until 500$ rods and then realizing that my 200$ rod was adequate for my own expectations

Steven Carter

Thanks so much! Great explanation.

Steven Carter

Edit: those avid inshores are $240-300, guess I’ll wait for a coupon!

Adam Austin

They make these here in Jax. I think Strike Zone tried to sell me one of these. I’m almost sold. I just bought the new Shimano c300xg fl which is a super sweet reel. I have it on cheapo rod from Penn right now. I’m not sure which model they had, but I want to say he was showing me a 6’6″ rod, which helps casting from a kayak.

I will say these are SUPER high quality after having one in my hand. Is the price worth it? I’d say probably, considering something like a G Loomis G6X is ~$200 for the rod alone. Guess I’ll have to buy it and come post some feedback.

Sam Craparo

I’m also not a fan of split handles. Due to hand issues I am unable to use spinning tackle but I enjoyed the review as usual. Thanks

Richard Fiorentino

Thanks for review. I think I’ll stick with my TFO

Andy Benedict

Luke, thank you for the helpful reviews! I am in the market for a inshore rod and reel (mostly panhandle region fishing). I’m looking at the TFO rod you reviewed (more my price point). After seeing this Cajun review I’m curious about rod length. Can you elaborate on the significance on rod length? (ie. 7 vs 7’3 vs 7’6) THANKS!

Dave Otte

Hi Andy just my 2 cents worth, hope this helps. The TFO PSS 764-1 rod is my favorite and you just can’t beat the discount we get at Southeastern Fishing Tackle. I got one and shipping was $11, and it was sent in a very sturdy tube. After shipping it’s around $100 with our discount. I have friends that don’t like the TFO rod but I just like the feel of it better than others that I have.

Andy Benedict

Dave, thank you! The TFO is my first choice and I have spoken with the guys at Southeastern. They were very helpful and took their time with me on the phone. The gentleman I spoke with was leaning me towards the MH and the 4000 quantum smoke based on various reasons. **What set up did you go with? Medium, MH? And reel? Would you also mind telling me why? Thank you again!

Luke Luke

This Cajun rod is 7’3″ in total length, but it has a fairly short butt so it casts like a longer rod given its casting section being pretty much equal to a longer rod along with its quick response timing.

Andy Benedict

Thanks Luke👍

Robert Ricketts

Luke what are you using to get your videos when you are out fishing if you don’t mind me asking

Dave Otte

Great review Luke! Does this rod have ‘micro guides’ or what I consider ‘regular’ guides like the ones on the TFO PSS 764-1? Have you noticed an increase in casting length with rods with the micro guides? I haven’t figured out what their advantage is yet. Thank you for helping us make informed gear purchases!