How To Catch Inshore Fish From A Boat Without A Trolling Motor


Here’s a question I got recently:

Is it possible to go out and catch inshore fish in an offshore boat?

Yes, it’s definitely possible!

Even if you have a shallow running boat or don’t have a trolling motor, you can still catch inshore fish.

Sure, you won’t be sight fishing reds in the shallows, but in this video, you’ll learn how to catch a ton of trout, mackerel, and jacks without having to go offshore.

Check it out below!

Catch Inshore Fish In An Offshore Boat [VIDEO]

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Trolling paddletails on the edges of flats with seagrass or oyster beds is one of the best and easiest ways to get tons of tight lines.

Here are 5 steps for how to do it successfully:

Step #1: Drift or troll

To find the fish, you need to cover ground.

If it’s windy or the current is really moving, then you can turn your motor off and drift.

If it’s a calm day, you can turn the motor on and either keep it in the lowest idle speed or a few taps forward.

You don’t want to be cruising through the flats, but you also don’t want to be going so slow your lure is dragging the bottom.

Step #2: Find the depth the fish are holding

Sometimes the fish will be on the shallower side of the edge, other times they’ll be a little deeper.

To find that ideal depth, I like to zig zag along the along the edge and make a note of where I’m getting strikes.

Step #3: Slow down to fish the honey holes

As you’re trolling, you’ll find that some areas hold more fish than others.

You can stop trolling and anchor up or slowly drift those areas to catch more fish.

Step #4: Experiment with different rod actions

Sometimes the fish like when you hold the rod still and let the paddletail do the action.

Other times, they’ll hit more when you jig it up and down a little bit.

Do some experimenting to see what they’re preferring that day.

Step #5: Check your lure for grass

Dragging around a clump of weeds won’t catch you any fish, so be sure to check your lure for grass every so often.

The good thing with paddletails is that you can feel the wobble of the lure in the water.

You’ll also get used to the weight of the lure, so if it feels a little heavier, you probably have some grass stuck on it.

Best Equipment For Trolling Paddletails

You don’t need anything fancy to do this type of fishing.

You can just use your typical inshore fishing setup consisting of:


how to quickly catch trout

Trolling a paddletail behind your boat on the edge of a flat is a great way to get lots of tight lines.

You don’t need a fancy boat or equipment and you don’t even need to be good at casting.

It’s great for kids, new anglers, and even experienced anglers who just want to have fun and catch a ton of fish.

Have any questions about this type of fishing?

Let me know down in the comments.

And if you know someone who wants to do this type of fishing, please TAG or SHARE this with them!

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Dave Otte
7 days ago

Luke, I love trolling! It is the easiest and most effective way to put fish in the boat. Some people look down on it but it is just another ‘club in the bag’ to use in the appropriate conditions. Thanks for showing us how to do it in a big boat with basic equipment.

Greg Fierle
6 days ago

Luke good video. Why not rig the lure weedless?

Look forward to giving this a try. Greg

6 days ago

Good morning Luke, anyway you can show us what you are looking at on the graph- enjoyed the video

Philip Burger
6 days ago

You briefly talked about speed. Can u give approximate mph (or kph)?

Do u change for weather or species?


Bill D Press
6 days ago

Great info. Thank you

Scott B.
6 days ago

Great info. I have a 27′ boat and love to fish the 10,000 Islands when the Gulf is too rough.

Foster Tim
6 days ago

Nice video Luke.
You mention boat speed, depth, and locations for your targeted trolling but are you going with or against the tide or does it matter?

Arthur Miller
5 days ago

I used this same technique about 25 years ago in the South Fork of the Shenandoah River. My then 3-year old girl caught her first of many fish. Thanks for your always willingness to share.

Richard Hall
5 days ago

Thanks Luke…as usual another great vedio. I own a 20′ center council Key West with no trolling motor (yet) so its been hard getting in shallow water.
Like to trade up to a Pathfinder like yours
Tight Lines!


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