Weekly Newsletter: 2-21-21

It’s newsletter time!

Do you know what the biggest mistake anglers make with artificial lures is?

Do you know how to add a DIY hook keeper to your fishing rod?

Or do you know how to easily catch mud minnows in a minnow trap?

You’ll learn all these tips in this week’s newsletter, plus:

  • How to catch inshore slams right now
  • What safety items every kayak angler needs (and 2 other tips to help keep you safe on the water)
  • How to catch monster black drum around bridges
  • How to catch offshore fish from an inshore boat
  • And much more

And please join us as we pray for our friends and fisheries in Texas!

Now, onto the newsletter!

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How To Make Your Own Hook Keeper (DIY Fishing Rod Hack)

Want to learn how to add your own hook keeper to your rod? It's really cheap and easy, and can save your rod guides from getting nicked or...
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8 Safety Items Every Kayaker Needs (That Fit In 1 Small Bag)

Are you prepared in case of an emergency on your kayak on paddleboard? See these 8 items that could save your life, as well as 2 tips to...
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Trout Eye Jig Head Review (Pros, Cons, Colors, & When To Use Them)

Looking for a good jig head to rig your paddletails on? See the full review of these Trout Eye jig heads, including when to use them, what...
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Biggest Mistake Anglers Make When Using Artificial Lures

Are you making this costly lure mistake? Even if you're in the right spot, at the right time, using the right lure, this mistake could stop...
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Spro Bucktail Jigs: How To Rig Them & Where To Use Them

Have you tried the Spro bucktail jig? This jig can catch nearly every species of fish and is great for using around bridges and inlets.
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How To Catch Mud Minnows In A Minnow Trap (Best Baits & Spots)

Want to see an easy way to catch a ton of mud minnows? Check out this video and learn where to put a minnow trap, what bait to use, and...
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Fishing for Monster Drum Around Bridges [On-The-Water Insider Fishing Report]

Finding monster drum around bridges using your electronics can be a fun way to fish. In this report I will be showing you how I...
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How To Catch Inshore Fish From A Boat Without A Trolling Motor

Want to see a fun way to catch tons of inshore fish from an offshore boat? It's easy and you don't need any fancy equipment or a special...
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How to Retrieve Soft Plastic Jerk Baits For Redfish

It’s jerk bait time! In this video, Inshore Fishing Coach Tony Acevedo will be showing you his preferred methods of retrieving soft plastic jerk baits...
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WINTER INSHORE FISHING: How To Catch Inshore Slams Right Now

Winter fishing can be tricky because the weather is always changing. But if you know where the fish move based on the weather, then you'll...
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The Weekend Game Plan Lesson [Feb 19th to 21st]

See the fishing game plan to use for targeting quality fish or large quantities of fish based on the latest trends and upcoming weather.
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How To Approach Non-Tidal Areas [Spot Dissection – Titusville, FL]

In this Spot Dissection Lesson we will be discussing how to approach non-tidal areas for inshore fishing. The area shown in this lesson is near...
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Late Winter Wading Spot Dissection ( Pasco County Spot Dissection Request)

At the request of active Community member Scooby Shnack, here is a dissection for an area to wade in the late winter in Pasco County....
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How To Catch Countless Snapper & Jacks On Nearshore Patch Reefs

Want to catch dozens of fish on nearshore reefs? This patch reef fishing video will show you why you don't need live bait and how to...
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Strong Angler Of The Week: Tim Fulford

When the weather gets tough, do you cancel your fishing trip, or figure out a way to make it happen? Check out the story of these two anglers that...
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