How To Catch Countless Snapper & Jacks On Nearshore Patch Reefs


“It’s like fishing in an aquarium!”

You’ve got to see all these fish we had next to the boat!

In this video, we are fishing LIVE with Capt. Mark “Hollywood” Johnson in the Keys to show just how easy it is to catch mangrove snapper, mutton snapper, jacks, grouper, and more on a patch reef.

We had nonstop action and so you can have the same trip, we got Capt. Hollywood to share some of his secrets.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to use FROZEN bait to get tons of tight lines
  • How to find patch reefs (and how to position your boat so you can maximize catching fish on them)
  • Why this type of fishing is so great for visitors to the Keys
  • The best way to rig squid on a jig head (so fish don’t just steal your bait)
  • And much more

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How To Fish Patch Reefs [VIDEO]

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How To Fish Patch Reefs [PODCAST]

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Here’s a timestamped table of contents from our reef fishing trip with Capt. Hollywood:

0:23 – Where we are and what we’re doing for this trip

3:50 – Why patch reef fishing is so great for visitors to the Keys

4:32 – What bait we were using today

6:20 – What kind of tackle to use when patch reef fishing

9:15 – How to find patch reefs (and how to position your boat to fish them)

12:20 – The best way to rig squid on a jig head

14:40 – How to catch dozens of barracuda in the backcountry

19:18 – The story of how a $4,000 camera went overboard during a podcast


frozen shrimp in florida keys

What an awesome trip!

If you’re looking for a fun and easy way to catch a ton of fish in the Keys, while still having a shot at some nice fish (like the mutton snapper pictured above), it’s tough to beat patch reef fishing.

Have any questions about reef fishing?

Let us know down in the comments!

And if you’re in the Keys and want to go out with Capt. Hollywood and his crew, you can find them at

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Asner Reodica
2 years ago

Hey guys, great video. Can we get some specs on the Bull Bay Custom?


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