The Best Barracuda Lure (For Fishing The Flats With Light Tackle)

By: Joseph Simonds on March 13, 2020
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best barracuda lures

It’s Barracuda time!!

These toothy fish are some of the most underrated fish on the flats.

They’re mean, strong, and fight like crazy.

For many years, most anglers trolled for barracuda with the traditional tube lure with a pair of treble hooks.

But then, a few short years ago someone came out with a new lure that makes it much easier (and more fun!) to catch these monsters on the flats.

Want to see what that lure is?

Check out the video below.

Best Lure For Inshore Barracuda [VIDEO]

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Before this new lure came around, we mostly used the traditional tube lures with treble hooks to target barracuda.

They were big and awkward to cast, so most people only used them for trolling, but now that we have the smaller single-hook tube lures, the game has changed!

You can cast these a country mile and as you retrieve them quickly, you can see aggressive barracuda coming off of the flats to chase them down and grab them.

They’re super fun to catch barracuda with and are effective in almost any color, as long as it’s bright.

Have any questions about these tube lures, or lures for barracuda in general?

Let us know in the comments below.

And if you’re in the Florida Keys and you want to go fishing with Capt. Hollywood and his crew and catch barracuda, you can get in touch with them at

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